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The following declaration has been held on Nov. 30, 2763 auc, towards the Plebs in the Comitia Plebis Tributa, by Candidate C. Aemilius Crassus :

I come to you to ask for your vote for Tribunus Plebis in these elections.

The office of Tribunus Plebis is one of most importance, having as main duty to ensure that the Edicta of the other Magistrates are conform our Laws and Constitution.

If elected this is my commitment to you, not to base my decisions on my personal opinion on the goodness, or lack of it, of the acts in question but only to be guide by our Laws and Constitution.

If elected I count to work well with the other candidates but, if in disagreement, will not avoid to use the power to call an intercession without their support or to contest a veto from a fellow Tribune.

I hope to be worthy of your vote and I am open to any question anyone would like to make.

Di vos incolumes custodiant.

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