Aquila:Letters of Lucius Spurius Pomonianus

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This article is from the Nova Roma publication "Aquila".
Lucius Spurius Pomponianus is a young legionary, who has been advanced to the rank of "miles immunes" in five years, a very minimum time and has asked to be allowed to study the designs of architecture. When a new Chief Engineer arrived in the Rhinus valley determined to bridge the Rhine, he asked the Praefectus Castrorum for a Scriba to assist him with his records. Remembering the young Lucius, the Praefectus called him into the Praetorium and asked if he might be interested in the task. Lucius replied eagerly that he would indeed be interested. The appointment was made and Lucius began his service with Titus Otho Atticus a former Legio Commander and now sent to Gaul for the rather ambitious purpose of bridging the Rhinus, not simply with a temporary timber bridge as was done previously but rather with a proper stone piered bridge, which would be a permanent passage across the great river!
His first two letters have been lost, and his third letter begins with a rather severe problem...
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