Appointment of Decius Iunius Palladius as Censor Suffectus (Nova Roma)

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Appointment of Decius Iunius Palladius as Censor Suffectus

Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 12:11:13 EDT

Salvete, Omnes,

The other major post left vacant with Germanicus' departure is the office of Censor. This has meant delays in the processing of new Citizens, and new Gentes.

The Senate has also voted by Senatus Consultum on this matter. I am pleased to announce that Decius Iunius Palladius, Senator and Pontiff, has been chosen to take up this important posting. We've needed this in the last couple of weeks, as Nova Roma has continued to grow at an impressive rate.

Congratulations Decius Iunius Palladius, Censor of Nova Roma!

This posting will ensure that people wishing to join Nova Roma will get their Citizenship promptly, and that the Gentes rolls will be properly kept. The organized growth of Nova Roma is in good hands!

I'm pleased to have Decius as fellow Censor, as he has already shown his abilities as Senator and Pontiff. Again I hope that all Citizens will join me in my relief at seeing this important post filled!


Marcus Cassius Julianus Consul, Censor

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