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This is the application form to apply for Nova Roman citizenship.

Application is done by sending an e-mail to <>

Citizenship Application Form

  • Legal Surname:_____________________________
  • Legal First Name(s):_______________________

  • Address:___________________________________
  • City:______________________________________
  • State/Province:____________________________
  • Zip/Postal Code:___________________________
  • Country:___________________________________
  • Phone (Evening phone number):______________
  • Email Address:_____________________________

  • Birth Date (year/month/day):_______________
  • Gender:____________________________________
  • Web Page (if you have one):________________
  • Occupation:________________________________

  • Your Chosen Roman Praenomen:_______________
  • Your Chosen Roman Nomen:___________________
  • Your Chosen Roman Cognomen:________________

Article II.A.3 of the Constitution of Nova Roma reads: "Citizenship is open to anyone regardless of ethnic heritage, gender, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation." By order of the censores and consules of MMDCCLIX, prospective citizens must affirm these statements by including them into the citizenship application e-mail:

I hereby affirm that I am NOT an advocate of any of the following, and that I am not a member of any group whose primary purpose is the advocacy of any of:

  • discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation,
  • racial separatism,
  • secession, or rebellion against national authorities,
  • fascism.
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