Aedilitas plebis MMDCCLXII/Ludi Cereales Circenses

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Starting the Ludi

Rules, Regulations, et al.

  1. All citizens are invited to participate and join in the fun.
  2. Cheering sections are welcomed!
  3. Let's have fun!


All entries should be sent to Quintus Caecilius Metellus, with "Ludi Circenses Entry" in the subject line. Entries should include the following:

  • Citizen's name
  • Horse's name
  • Charioteer's name
  • Racing Faction
  • Chariot Year/Make/Model (Optional)

Entries also need to include the following items and values:

  • About the Horse:
    • speed [1-49]
    • power [1-49]
    • discipline [1-49]
    • weight (in kg) (*)
    • height (in cm, measured from ground to highest point of the withers) (*)
  • About the Charioteer:
    • control [1-49]
    • strength [1-49]
    • weight (in kg) (*)
    • height (in cm) (*)
  • About the Chariot
    • wheelbase (in cm, measured as the distance between wheel axles) (*)
    • breadth (in cm, measured as the longest distance in the carriage from left to right) (*)
    • length (in cm, at the base of the carriage, longest distance from front to rear) (*)
    • weight (in kg) (*)

The numerical values of the speed, power, discipline, control, strength must add to 99. Those followed by asterisks (*) ARE NOT INCLUDED in this value.

It seems a bit complicated at first, but if you're familiar with a number of sports video games that allow you to create your own athlete, you'll see the similarity. The goal here is to put together the best mix of the elements, and I know you all can do it.

But about these items with asterisks, these all have effects which you'll see in the races. To give all you competitors some help, let me say this: good speed with equal power but a light-weight charioteer might find the charioteer thrown off his chariot. Wider wheelbases turn less sharply, but short wheelbases are less stable.

Thus are the games. No dirty tactics will be put up in this set of games; we'll have a clean set of races this week!

Entries will be accepted until 06:00 a.m. Thursday (16 April), Roman Time. Then, we shall see how the races proceed. Have fun, but think hard!

Let the games begin!!


(to be announced!)

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