Aedilitas curulis MMDCCLXIV - Edict n°64-02

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Ex Officio Statiae Corneliae Valerianae Julianae Aeterniae Aedilis Curulis

Edictum I: Creation of Official Macellum List

As per Article IV A. 4.e. of the Nova Roman Constitution: To maintain the venues where the Ordo Equester is engaged in commerce within Nova Roma property. It is the responsibility of the Curule Aediles to report any changes of the Ordo Equester to the Censors, this edict addresses the pursuit of Trade & Commerce within the res publica of Nova Roma.

I hereby create an Official Macellum List specifically to provide information and resources for those individuals who are both part of the Macellum and the Ordo Equester. This list will be maintained by the Office of the Curule Aediles.

Given by my hand 21st day of January 2764 a.u.c. in the Consulship of P. Ullerius and G. Equitius

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