Aedilitas curulis MMDCCLXII - Edict n°62-07

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EDICT n°62-07

CURULE AEDILE Cn. Iulius Caesar edict (n° 62-07) concerning the appointment of scribae and dismissal of scriba

I hereby appoint the following two citizens as scribes, to be assigned to one or more of the five work groups within the Cohors Aedilicia. No oath is required of them. Further appointments may follow.

Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus
Quintus Fabius Labeo

I hereby formally dismiss the following scribe:

Marcus Aelius Severus

This is due to his having had to relinquish his duties owning to an unexpected new employmemnt opportunity that sadly severely limits his access to the internet for the next two years. He has my gratitude for his willingness to serve the res publica.

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