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Cerialia Art Contest Open

Next month we shall be celebrating the Cerialia. As a curile aedile of Nova Roma my duty is to provide you an enjoyable and fulfilling celebration. Part of this celebration will be an art contest dedicated to the goddess Ceres. To prepare for the festivities to come I ask those citizens with artistic talents or ambitions to come forward and submit images that can be related to Ceres and the rebirth of the land during spring. See Cerialia website for more details.

Junior Curule Aedile
Amulius Claudius Petrus

Megalesia Award -1 week

The Megalesia Cultural Award contest is open to single participants or to groups composed by a maximum of 5 citizens. Each participant or group of participants can participate with just _one_ work. It isn't allowed to be a member of a group and participate as a individual at the same time. The contributed work must be in English, with a maximum of 500 words. These kinds of works are accepted: novel, poem, drama, tragedy, comedy. etc. As there still is time (the deadline is 3rd of April) to enter this contest, please send in your work to the contest! Your participation will be much appreciated. If this explanation doesn't satisfy, please, feel free to ask! I am here to serve.

Senior Curule Aedile
Caeso Fabius Quintilianus

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