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The Personal Roman Virtues

The subject Virtues while some of the hardest ones to keep in both the ancient and the modern day seem to be very important as the lubricant that allows the machinery of both government and civil relationships to survive and grow.

Comitas which is "humor," further described as an ease of manner, courtesy, openness, and friendliness which application helps those who are new to Nova Roma as well as those who are long time citizens get to know one another better, and as a result fulfill much of what new citizens seek in NR.

Clemencia which can be said to be Mercy and described in more detail as a certain mildness and gentleness, is the factor which allow individual's to interact with one another. It is certainly understood that there are many in Nova Roma who have the Dignitas (Self Worth), Firminitas (Tenacity), and Gravitas (Sense of Importance) firmly in hand in relation to their endeavors, but in order to interest others in those endeavors those foregoing virtues should and must be modified with a mildness that allows those attracted by the endeavors Represented to ask questions and impart ideas, without the harsh and impolite responses of self-important individuals.

Severitas, the Gravity and Self Control of any individual to receive new ideas, and new concepts with patience and understanding. It is the self-control, not to burst out with gutter language or hysterical threats and accusations which have little or no basis. The response to such citizens who are trying to weigh in with their ideas and proposals should and must be dealt with in a patient manner, if one is to practice the Virtues of ancient Rome.

Lastly, but certainly not to be considered the least of these four ideas is Veritas, the Honesty and Truthfulness in dealing with others. Involved here to is the honesty to admit to another openly and with the proper regret or appreciation of a self error, or the honesty to tell another of a dissatisfaction or disappointment in order to allow a clearing of resentment or anger. There are those who hold within themselves a grief or anger / frustration for another, and base the entire association with that person on the grudge or anger held within themselves. We tell ourselves that the anger/ resentment is well understood by another, while in actuality it may not even be known, so Veritas is also a vital part of involvement with others.

Let us look to these virtues as the ancient Romans did and use them to help us work and play with others of a like mind and like interests.

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