Budget for 2753 AUC


Senate convened by Consul Decius Iunius Palladius, the 23rd day of December, 2752 AUC
Voting completed on the 30th day of December, 2752 AUC.

Salvete Senatores! You will find that the major difference between this budget and the last one presented to you is that this one lacks any cost info on the Eagle. Since there is a changeover in editors, the costs will be different and cannot be predicted yet. Since I will be the new editor, I will present predicted costs early next year when it is more clear what they will be.

Also is full information on the flags. By approving the flag project here, you are giving the senate's stamp of approval to the project. I have received my flag already and it was well worth the $12.95.

In Service to Rome,
Decius Iunius Palladius,

The Budget, 2000 C.E. 2753 A.U.C., as voted upon by the Senate

Annual NR Projected Costs:

Item I
--$19.95 X 12 =$239.40 - 15% ($35.91) = $203.49 for total Internet cost per year.

Voting Results:
Seven Senators in favor, one abstains. Item is passed

Item II
--Post Office Box=$12.00 Annually (See note #1)

Voting Results:
Eight Senators in favor. Item is passed.

Item III
--NR Fund Raising Costs=$200 Annually (See note #2)

Voting Results:
Seven Senators in favor, one against. Item is passed.

--Flags, 1st 50--Cost $325.00 (costs initially being borne by M Cassius and not coming out of actual onhand funds. See Correction Note #2)

Voting Results:
Eight Senators in favor. Item is passed.

--Current Annual NR Costs--$740.49 (minus the unneeded $325 for flags, the actual costs are 415.49)

Annual Projected Revenues:

--Total current income from Eagle: $660.00

--Eagle subscriptions-increase by 5% by year 2001-- $33.00.

--Eagle Income
=Income--Present 55 subscribers times $12,00--$660.00--Annual Income (See Note #3);

--Amazon Book--$50.00 Annual Projection (JLM);

--Stamp Business--$25.00 Annual Projection (JLM);

--Papyrus Copy Business--$10.00 Annual Projection (JLM);

--Mead Manual--$50.00 Annual Projection (JLM);

-- Flag Business--$322.50 NR Profit for Nova Roma from 1st run of 50 flags (DIP);

Total Projected Revenues: $1150.50


Proposed allocation of funds over and above the Nova Roma Expenses:

Once the outstanding debts are paid, the remaining funds can be distributed among the following or similar categories as shall be decided by the Senior Magistrates:

The total Current Projected Annual NR Revenues: $1150.50
The total Current Annual NR Costs: $740.49 (415.49 actual)
Remaining Funds: $403.61 (728.61 actual)

Rather than adjust the below amounts to reflect the "actual" amount (even the senate discretionary fund), I have left it as it is until costs from the Eagle are more clear and I am able to present them to the senate next year.

The remaining funds are significantly more than since the last budget was presented due to the Flag project being completed. This vote will give the official stamp of approval of the senate to that project. I suggest we approve it. Marcus Cassius has done Nova Roma a great service. I have already sent for my flag, as have many of you, I am sure.

Distribution of Remaining Funds:

Investment (45%)--(181.62);

Advertisement (3%)--($12.10);

Real Property (10%)--($40.36);

Legal (10%)--($40.36);


Senate Discretionary Disbursement-- (27%)--($108.99).

Correction Notice:

1. Coinage--Two sided die for a coin would cost $600 and to create a base run of 5,000 coins would cost $1000 even. That gives us a firm price of $1600 plus shipping costs which would be approximately $30.00

Note:---This above proposal will provide Nova Roma with a die that could be used for successive mintings, and 5,000 coins stamped in bronze. Factoring in the cost of the die with the first run of coins, NR would be paying $.32 per coin. A good profit could be made by selling the coins at even $.50 apiece and an additional minting would leave us at a total cost of only $.20 per coin.

**I have left any of these costs out of the budget itself for now. These are figures to look at to help the Senate plan future costs.**

2. Flags-- Fifty Flags have been ordered at $6.50 apiece, for a total of $325. A member of Nova Roma (Cassius Julianus) is fronting the money since the transaction was made prior to Budget presentation.

Note --- Both of the above items were received and approved for inclusion in the Budget just today.



Note #1----Since Patricia Cassia also uses the above mail box for personal mail, she is currently carrying the entire cost of the mail box. See Recommendation #1;

Note #2----Originally, the idea of this item of funding was to be used was to be used to assist members of the Ordo Equestor in establishing businesses. My impression and my suggestion that if the item is retained it be on a loan basis with minimal interest. The Ordo Equestor needs some assistance and or encouragement;

Note #3----The $12.00 funding rate will not be complete for approximately another 18 months, at which time the funding for the Eagle should be in good shape, ad NR may consider reducing the cost or combining the cost of the newsletter with the cost of any future taxes decided upon.. Each additional single page costs $.20, ad there will be a need for 5 extra copies of the newsletter to use for advertisement and for postal replacement.

Note #4----There is still an outstanding debt to Marcus Cassius Julianus for two rolls of stamps (100 stamps-$33.00) that were used in the early days of the newsletter. It is the only firm record of a previous debt that I have; ***M. Cassius has graciously declined any reimbursement of these costs.***

Note #5-----"I should hope to build up a base inventory of manuals and booklets, which I would then offer through the Macellum--Venator.



Recommendation #1--Consider splitting the annual fee with Patricia Cassia and pay one half of the annual bill;

Recommendation #2--that the funding established by and for the Eagle fees be continued until a balance between the old fees and the new fees is reached. That the nova Roma Publishing fund be a self-perpetuating fund,, under the review and care of the Financial Quaestor and should not be used for any other purpose or financial effort. It's purpose is to allow the Eagle to expand naturally and to develop a modest surplus that can be used in the furture to defray the costs of publishing a book or pamphlet (G.D. Domitianus)

Recommendation #3--Marcus Cassius Julianus has been extremely helpful in the printing and submitting information for use in the Eagle. He has to date saved the Eagle one month of printing plus the return postage of the printed materials plus two extra B & W pages over and above my original proofs which was very much appreciated. It is recognized that a portion of these debts be returned to him together with a recognition of his continuing services.



Comment #1---Our investment contracts will be a major expense at first but then they can not only be expected to hold their own, but to turn a profit in a reasonable amount of time They will be self sufficient. It may be that some of these projects will have to be changed along the way, but any profits can go toward re-investments in other opportunities for us and in time will contribute to other social needs---Far Future!!!! (G.D. Domitianus)

Comment #2---Establishing an Advertising fund is also extremely important. The overwhelming majority of people in the world do not even know that we exist -- to put it mildly. More citizens mean more of everything that the organization wishes to build upon, including revenues.

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