Fourth quarter 2000 financial report


Starting balance: $1,181.95


Bumper stickers: 4.00
Flags: 59.80
Togas/tunics: 55.00
Eagle subs: 180.00
Donations: 30.00
TOTAL: $328.80


Eagle: 36.86
Renew 35.00
Other: 39.90
(Check for flag order was returned
for insufficient funds, which
incurred a $10 bank fee plus the
original $29.90 of the check.)
TOTAL: $111.76

Ending balance: $1398.99

All in all, a profitable period. The continue financial support of the Eagle makes it important that we follow through by investing energy and resources to sustain this publication.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia Cassia
Quaestrix et Senatrix, Nova Roma

08 Februarius 2774


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