Third quarter 2000 financial report

This report reflects a slight loss because of expenses for the benefit of Nova Roma:

Starting balance: $1,250.55

Revenue: affiliation: 24.00
Bumper-sticker project: 4.00
Eagle subscriptions: 160.30 (a bunch were submitted all at once by Decius Iunius)
TOTAL: $188.30


Removal of ads from NR main list: 59.40
Application for U.S. tax-exempt status: 150.00
Reimburse Marcus Cassius Julianus for mailing of October Eagle: $19.50
TOTAL: $228.90

Current balance: $1,181.95


  • As reported previously, the U.S. treasury promises a response to our application for tax-exempt status within 120 days, or roughly by March 15.
  • I have asked both Lawrence Brooks (our toga-and-tunic dealer) and Cassius Julianus (in his capacity as administrator of the flag program) to provide a final accounting to the Treasury by Dec. 31 for the purpose of closing out the year with complete information.
  • The removal of ads from the main list is an annual expense; the Internal Revenue Service fee is a one-time expense.
  • Cassius and Octavius continue to provide printing and Web hosting free to Nova Roma.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia Cassia
Quaestrix et Senatrix, Nova Roma

29 November 2753


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