Second Quarter Treasury Report, 2753 AUC


It is my duty now to report on the financial condition of Nova Roma. This report technically covers the second quarter of this year; please accept my apologies for the delay in submitting it.

Starting balance (as of 3/30/00): $1.168.41


Total revenue: $164.90


Total expenses: $82.76

New balance: $1250.55

Notes: Nova Roma's financial footing remains sound thanks to multiple sources of revenue and the in-kind contributions of Marcus Cassius Julianus (printing the Eagle) and Marcus Octavius Germanicus (hosting the Web site). They are deserving of our thanks, as are those Citizens who patronize our bookstore.

My next report should reflect a modest amount of revenue based on tunics and togas sold to Nova Romans.

Please let me know if you have any concerns or suggestions.

Patricia Cassia . Quaestor, Nova Roma
Curatrix Sermonem (List Moderator)

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