Proposed budget, AUC 2754


To: Marcus Minucius Audens, Consul
From: Patricia Cassia, Quaestor
Date: December 6, 2000

Below please find a proposed budget for the next year of Nova Roma's existence. Figures in the left column represent those budgeted in the document posted in the Aerarium Saturnii section of the Web site. Figures in the middle column reflect expenditures and revenues estimated for the entire year (in other words, I have added a conservative amount to the actual figures in items where I anticipate further activity before Dec. 31). Figures in the right column are my suggestions.

All figures are in U.S. dollars.

Item Amount budgeted, AUC 2753 Amount spent, AUC 2753 Proposed budget, AUC2754
Web hosting 203.49 59.85 200
Nova Roma mailbox 12 0 12
Fund-raising 200 0 100
Flags 325 268.75 250
Eagle printing 0 0 660
Eagle mailing 0 46.01 150
Outreach efforts (Sodalitas Egressus) 0 0 80
Magistrates' Emergency Fund 0 0 50
Administrative expenses 0 229.4 200
Total 740.49 604.01 1702
Item Amount budgeted, AUC 2753 Amount raised, AUC 2753 Proposed budget, AUC 2754 bookstore 50 75.33 100
Eagle subscriptions 660 150 250
Various small projects 85 35 25
Togas/tunics 0 40 100
Flags (net revenue) 322.5 388.5 300
Grants 0 0 100
Cash donations 0 410 200
In-kind donations 0 0 922
Total 1117.5 1098.83 1997
Total expenses     1702
Total revenues     1997
Net surplus for year     295
Current Treasury funds     1218
Expected net surplus     295
Total available     1513
Proposed allocation of available funds      
Current account (includes emergency fund)     413
Ad Fundos Res (land fund, 12-month CD)     200
Fideicommissum (beginning of public works/scholarship fund, 12-month CD)     450
Senate discretionary account (to be spent on projects proposed by Citizens)     450
Total     1513

Notes: Expenses

Web hosting: While Marcus Octavius Germanicus has generously donated his own space to Nova Roma's site, we have budgeted an amount here to accurately reflect the cost of Nova Roma's doing business. This amount has been offset by an equal amount in the "in-kind donations" category.

Nova Roma mailbox: Donated by Patricia Cassia and budgeted as above.

Fund-raising: No money was spent in this area this year, but a small amount is budgeted for next year in the hope that we can take advantage of expertise offered by one or two Citizens in this area. A corresponding small amount is included under Grants, in the hopes that this effort realizes at least an even return on our initial investment.

Flags: The budgeted figure represents expenses to be reimbursed to Cassius from the sale of the currently available flags. Since this has proven a profitable project, it may be that we should fund the production of another batch in full, rather than waiting for Cassius to actually sell the flags.

Eagle printing: Currently being donated by M. Cassius Julianus, so the budgeted amount is offset in the "in-kind donations" category below. This amount is optimistic, anticipating a revival of interest in and production of Nova Roma's newsletter.

Eagle mailing: Again an optimistic sum.

Outreach efforts (Sodalitas Egressus): Includes the $30 figure budgeted (but never spent) for advertising this year, plus $50 requested by Marcus Minucius Audens toward printing handouts, leaflets and broadside sheets for the Sodalitas Egressus.

Magistrates' Emergency Fund: A small amount to offset any sudden crises.

Administrative expenses: Includes the cost of bonding and a small amount toward other fees (legal, accounting, etc.)

Notes: Revenues bookstore: This did reasonably well despite a lack of attention and maintenance. Perhaps one of the next batch of Quaestors could be assigned to develop and promote our book selection?

Eagle subscriptions: Revenue figures anticipate at least a modest growth in the subscriber base.

Various small projects:These include Venator's mead manuals, Audens' papyrus copies and Cassia's bumper stickers.

Togas/tunics: These are expected to become more popular as our vendor adds lines of Roman clothing.

Flags (net revenue): See flag entry in Expenses.

Grants: See fund-raising entry in Expenses.

Cash donations: An amount is budgeted in anticipation of Nova Roma's receiving U.S. tax-exempt status, which it is hoped will encourage donations.

In-kind donations: These include services such as Web hosting and printing which are donated by Citizens to Nova Roma, and for which we would otherwise have to pay market rates.

Notes: Proposed Allocation

Ad fundos res: This will establish the Land Fund, a long-term investment which will eventually become the foundation of a land purchase. It is suggested that this be set aside in a 12-month Treasury bill or Certificate of Deposit. It is further suggested that this account be established separately from the Nova Roma Treasury, so that Cives may donate to it directly.

Fideicommissum: This is to establish an endowment which will eventually earn enough income to provide ongoing funding for scholarships, events and other projects in keeping with Nova Roma's mission. While it will be many years before this endowment yields a useful amount, we must start somewhere.

Senate discretionary account: This is to be used in the current year to fund projects in keeping with Nova Roma's mission. Said funds may be voted by the Senate after receipt of a project proposal, based on the suitability, expected benefit and reliability of the Citizen(s) proposing it.

Current account: This is a sum kept in cash to allow flexibility in meeting expenses during times of low revenue, and to make possible the payment of unforeseen expenses.

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