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Home Winemaking Step-By-Step A guide to fermenting wine grapes 
(Iverson / 1998 / ISBN 0965793613). For the new vinter who is seeking to create fine wine from fresh vitis vinefera fruit, this is an excellent choice for one's first book. Plus, this 2nd edition does contain a chapter on making wine from concentrated grape juce. Stephanus Ullerius Venator Piperbarbus
The Art of Making Wine 
(Anderson Hull / 1970 / ISBN 0452267447). The ISBN is for the 1991 Plume reprint of this seminal work in modern home winemaking on the US side of the Atlantic. Stanley Anderson was one of the founders of the current supply chain for hobbyist vinters. Focus is mainly on making good wines from concentrate . Stephanus Ullerius Venator Piperbarbus
Guide to Better Wine and Beer Making for Beginners  
(Tritton / 1969 / ISBN 486225283). S. M. Tritton, MPS, FRIC, is a person in the home wine making community for shows great deference. She is one of the great authors of the late 20th century wave of amatuer wine making in Great Britain. Stephanus Ullerius Venator Piperbarbus
Progressive Winemaking  
(Duncan Acton / 1996/ ISBN 0900841052). Two more authors in the class of Tritton, from GB. Once upon a time, their works were most of what was available, but to no loss of knowledge or utility. Still wine, sparkling, sherry, port and madeira styles are all covered herein. Stephanus Ullerius Venator Piperbarbus
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