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Oppidum Bucurestium is a local subdivision of the Provincia Dacia Nova Roma and can join and belong to it, nova roman citizens who have their residence in the city of Bucharest (Romania).

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The Oppidum rules are stipulated by the Foedus de constitutione civitatis Oppidi Bucurestium and Lex Fabia de Oppidis et Municipiis. The foundation of the Oppidum was promoted by the nova roman citizens of Bucharest and approved by Propraetor Titus Iulius Sabinus with provincial Edictum V.

Oppidum Bucurestium is governed by the Aediles Oppidi, which, in number of two, with the same status and powers, represents the magistrates of more high rank within the Oppidum. The Aediles Oppidi are elected by Comitia Oppidana, between 1st of January and the 28th of February of every year, and assumes the position 1st of March of the year.

The Oppidum Bucurestium uses in this moment the same mailing list of Provincia Dacia Nova Roma and there, the official oppidum announcements are published and the news as well, in the same time with discussions about events and meetings periodically organized.

Aediles Oppidi

Current aediles: M. Moravio T. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXI a.u.c.

CIV-Oppius Fabius Montanus.jpg Oppius Fabius Montanus Album Civium
Aedilis oppidum
CIV-Fausta Maria Bellatrix.jpg Fausta Maria Bellatrix Album Civium
Aedilis oppidum

Past aediles: L. Arminio Ti. Galerio cos. MMDCCLX a.u.c.

CIV-Aula Arria Carina.jpg Aula Arria Carina Album Civium
Aedilis oppidum
CIV-Lucia Iulia Severa.jpg Lucia Iulia Severa Album Civium
Aedilis oppidum

Comitia Oppidana





Foedus de constitutione Oppidum Bucurestium.

The Nova Roman community of the citizens who live in the city of Bucharest, is established with this foedus, and now onward officially called Oppidum Bucurestium. This foedus is given to the Propraetor Provinciae Daciae Novae Romae, Oppidum Bucurestium, being a local subdivision of this province.

I. Membership.

1. Any Nova Roma citizen who lives inside the geographical limits established by this foedus shall be admitted to the Oppidum Bucurestium, after submitting a formal request to the local magistrates.
2. Loss of the Nova Roman citizenship shall involve loss of membership in the oppidum.
3. Should one citizen consecutively miss four periodical oppidum meetings, he or she might be cancelled from the Album Civium. This decision is up to Comitia Oppidana.

II. Geographical limits.

Limits are the same of Bucharest administrative area.

III. Documents

1. The following documents shall be instituted:
  • Album Civium (rolls of the citizens), also electronic, that lists the names of the citizens of Nova Roma who are also members of the Oppidum Bucurestium.
  • Tabularium (law repository), also electronic, to keep the local laws approved by the local comitia and the edicta issued by local magistrates.
2. These documents shall be kept by the provincial webmaster, until a suited citizen is appointed for this duty and maintenance rules set.

IV. Institutions and magistrates.

The following organisms of this community are hereby instituted :
  • Comitia Oppidana, the general assembly of all the citizens of the oppidum.
  • The Aediles Oppidi, regularly and elected every year.
  • Scribae, in the number of one for each local magistrate, appointed on his personal choice.
  • Other offices might be created to cover specific duties by the Comitia Oppidana.

V. Comitia Oppidana.

1. The comitia shall elect all the local magistrates and enact leges binding upon the members of the local community.
2. All the members of the oppidum shall have the right to speak and vote in the comitia.
3. Voting in the comitia shall require physical presence of the voter in the place where the "comitia " is being held. Deputy is not admitted.
4. The comitia shall be called to order by edictum at least twice every year for informational sessions, inside the territory of the oppidum.

VI. Aediles Oppidi.

1. The Aediles Oppidi shall be collegial magistracies composed of two members of equal power. They are the highest magistrates in the oppidum.
2. The Aediles Oppidi:
  • call the local comitia to order.
  • maintain the oppidum album civium.
  • maintain the oppidum tabularium
  • appoint scribae to assist with administrative and other tasks, as they shall see fit.
2. To carry out their tasks they:
  • issue edicta;
  • announce intercessio against another local magistrate of equal or lesser authority.
3. The Aediles Oppidi shall be elected by the Comitia Oppidana in a period between January 1st and February 28th of each year and they are appointed on March 1st.
4. The elections procedures shall be settled by the Comitia Oppidana.

VII. Edicta Aedilum Oppidum.

1. The Aediles Oppidi accomplish to their functions on their own, by emanating edicta.
2. The edicta shall be effective one week after their publication made by the proposing Aedile, and they might be vetoed during this period.
3. The edicta might be submitted to the vote of the comitia on an initiative of either the not proposing Aedile or of one quarter of the citizens.
4. The Edicta shall be kept in the Tabularium.

VIII. Intercessio.

1. Each Aedile Oppidum shall use the power given by the intercessio (veto) on his colleague and on a minor magistrate.
2. Regarding an edictum, the use of an intercessio is limited within the following seven days since the publication of the subject of the intercessio.
3. The act which is under intercessio might be submitted to vote of the comitia oppidana, following an initiative of either the proposing magistrate or of a quarter of the citizens.

IX. Legal precedence.

1. Leges approved by the Comitia Oppidana and edicta issued by local magistrates shall take a lower precedence than the Constitution and laws of Nova Roma, the Senatus Consulta of the Senate of Nova Roma, the edicta of magistrates of Nova Roma (including the provincial governor), and the decreta of the pontifical and augural colleges of Nova Roma.
2. Leges approved by the Comitia Oppidana shall have precedence over edicta of local magistrates.

X. Mailing List.

The mailing list of the Oppidum Bucurestium for communications shall be temporary the same Provincia Dacia mailing list.

XI. Members.

1. At the moment of the constitution of the Oppidum Bucurestium, all Nova Roman citizens from the city of Bucharest area are members of the oppidum.
2. To the first meeting of the Comitia Oppidana, new membership rules can be set.

XII. Modifications.

1. The rules written in this foedus are modifiable with a lex voted by the Comitia Oppidana, which content is previously published on a convocation edictum, which had at least an approval of two thirds of the expressed votes.
2. Updated rules shall be under the regulation previously written at point IX.1 of this foedus.

Bucharest - Romania a.d. VII Id. Ian. L. Arminio Ti. Galerio cos. MMDCCLX a.u.c..

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