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Oppidum Bucurestium is a local subdivision of the Provincia Dacia Nova Roma and can join and belong to it, nova roman citizens who have their residence in the city of Bucharest (Romania).

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The Oppidum rules are stipulated by the Foedus de constitutione civitatis Oppidi Bucurestium and Lex Fabia de Oppidis et Municipiis. The foundation of the Oppidum was promoted by the nova roman citizens of Bucharest and approved by Propraetor Titus Iulius Sabinus with provincial Edictum V.

Oppidum Bucurestium is governed by the Aediles Oppidi, which, in number of two, with the same status and powers, represents the magistrates of more high rank within the Oppidum. The Aediles Oppidi are elected by Comitia Oppidana, between 1st of January and the 28th of February of every year, and assumes the position 1st of March of the year.

The Oppidum Bucurestium uses in this moment the same mailing list of Provincia Dacia Nova Roma and there, the official oppidum announcements are published and the news as well, in the same time with discussions about events and meetings periodically organized.

Aediles Oppidi

CIV-Aula Arria Carina.jpg Aula Arria Carina

Aedilis Oppidum Bucurestium

CIV-Lucia Iulia Severa.jpg Lucia Iulia Severa

Aedilis Oppidum Bucurestium

Comitia Oppidana



  • a.d. V Id. Ian. L. Arminio Ti. Galerio cos. MMDCCLX a.u.c. Oppidum Bucurestium is created.
  • a.d. XV Kal. Mar. L. Arminio Ti. Galerio cos. MMDCCLX a.u.c. First Aediles Oppidi were elected:



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