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Non. Ian. is the aniversary (dies natalis) of the shrine of Vica Pota on the Velia, near the family house of the Valerii in early times. Vica Pota is an old Roman goddess, whose name is thought to be derived from vincere (to conquer) and potiri (to get possession of); she is therefore identified with Victoria, who later overshadowed the older deity.

Platner's Dictionary [1] says:

Vica Pota: a shrine on the site of the Domus P. Valerii (q.v.), which Valerius built on the slope of the Velia towards the forum (Liv. II.7.12: infra Velium ubi nunc Vicae Potae est aedes in infimo clivo; Plut. Popl. 10: ἱερόν). This deity was apparently identical with or closely related to Victoria, for the shrine is called aedes Victoriae (so that the identification with a fragmentary altar in TF 87 will not hold) by Asconius (in Pis. 52); cf. Cic. de leg. II.28). Another derivation was from victus and potus (Arnob. iii.25; Sen. Apocol. 9). The date of the dedication was 9th January (Fast. Ant. ap. NS 1921, 84; Jord. I.2.417; WR 196; Pr. Myth. ii.245).
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