Titus Iulius Sabinus (Election MMDCCLX)

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Titus Iulius Sabinus

Album Civium

Election MMDCCLX

I, Titus Iulius Sabinus, don the toga candida and enter the Forum as candidate for consul of our Res Publica for the year a.U.c MMDCCLXI.


I come in front of you to present my candidacy as consul for the next year.

I'm citizen of Nova Roma since MMDCCLVII a.U.c, assidui, and, starting with the moment I joined, I was day by day and hour after hour near you all, with my mind, my energy and all my abilities to contribute in each possible good way to Nova Roma development:

I'm founder of Provincia Dacia and its legatus pro praetore since MMDCCLVIII a.U.c.

I served as scribe of praetor Galerius Paulinus, praetrix Tullia Scholastica, aedilis Iulius Sulla, aedilis Curius Saturninus, magister aranearius Cassius Calvus and magister aranearius Octavius Gracchus.

I served as accensus of consuls Pompeia Minucia Strabo and Galerius Paulinus.

This year I'm quaestor of aedilis Artoria Marcella and for two consecutive years (MMDCCLIX and MMDCCLX a.U.c) I'm Magna Mater project coordinator.

Last year, as curule aedile, I tried to fulfill with honor all my duties, with respect for our Gods, our Ancestors and You, Nova Roma citizens.

My cultural activities include the foundation of Dacia webzine "Dacia Felix" and this year I'm editor en chief of "Columnae Herculis".

I'm, also, the builder of the virtual Temple of Mercurius

Nova Roma is a great experience, one of the best of mine and I can say without making a mistake, a major change in my life. During the time, I learned and I found in you, novi romani, fine examples of roman attitude, of roman virtues and great followers of roman way. In the last three years I had only one purpose: taking your fine examples to be to the same level of performance. Now is the time for me to prove that. Now is the time for me to demonstrate that I'm able to serve more our Res Publica and its citizen's interests to another level and to put in this my best abilities.

In my opinion, the consul is that person able to identify, to organize, to find solutions and to lead. As manager of my companies these are my activities day by day. I have good results as time as I believe in common efforts, in working teams and not only in individual and particular abilities. I'm well experienced to work with people, as former major staff officer and I'm member of two Romanian important official organizations.

I believe in morality, in ethics and together with my wife, Arria Carina and my son, Iulius Crassus we are an honorable roman family from roman limes.

With respect, I ask you, citizens to give me your trust vote.




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