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"[In accordance with the Lex Equitia de Vigintisexviris and praetorian edictum, the title "rogatores" here and elsewhere has been changed to those of "diribitores and custodes", who are now the election officials; the rogatores now assist the censores in registering new citizens. Since the censores do not deal with tallying votes or certifying elections {the duties of the diribitores and custodes respectively}, the phrase "with the assistance of the censors" has been removed]."

Did the Lex E.V. and the praetorian edict authorize ALL these changes? I can see that the "rogatores" change may be authorized, but removal of "with the assistance of the censors" seems to be an unauthorized change. It is an example, perhaps, of a law being changed to bring it in line with practice. A fine thing, but it should be done through the correct process. (I know this lex is not in force, but the principle stands.) Agricola 03:15, 26 August 2007 (CEST)

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