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In general

Let's keep this free from silliness, as much as possible. Let us strive for a practical and useful thing with correct but simple, straigtforward Latin. Agricola 12:24, 10 February 2007 (CET)


This from Scholastica on New Roman, awaiting formatting:

Vt valés? (singular) ut valétis? (plural) How are you? Valeo. I am well. Sat bene. Well enough. Aegroto. I am ill. Laboro capite. I have a headache. Fessa sum (female) fessus sum (male) I am tired. Esurio. I am hungry. Sitio. I am thirsty.

Quid nomen tibi? (singular) What is your name? Quae nomina vobis? (plural) What are your names? [note: answer must be put into the dative: Mihi est Scholasticae. Mihi est Scaevae. Mihi est Audenti. Mihi est Marino. Plural: Nobis sunt Caeciliis {if both/all are in the same gens}].

Vbi habitas? (singular) Vbi habitatis? (plural) Where do you live? Habito Londini. I live in London. Habito Romae. I live in Rome. Habito prope Cataractas Niagarae. I live near Niagara Falls. Habito Matriti. I live in Madrid. Habito Athenis. I live in Athens. Habito Syracusis. I live in Syracuse...Venetis, in Venice...

Habitabam Lutetiae, I used to live in Paris...; habitabamus in Caledonia, we used to live in Scotland... (cities and small islands use the LOCATIVE case, which is like the genitive in the singular of the first and second declensions [most of them...] and like the ablative in the other declensions and the plural, whence Athenis, Syracusis, etc., which are like the ablative plural. Countries use in plus the ablative).

Expressions in letters and e-mails

Vernacular Latin
Dear (my dearest) Quinctilius! (addressing a male) Quinctílí cáre (cárissime)! - See vocative
Dear (my dearest) Lucretia! (addressing a female) Lucrétia cára (cárissima)!
Quinctilius sends greetings to Servilius (to Lucretia, to Capito). Quinctílius Servílió (Lucrétiae, Capitóní) salútem dícit. - See dative
sends many greetings salútem plúrimam dícit
Be well. Valé! (sing.) Valéte! (plur.)
Be very well (always). Valé/Valéte (semper) optimé!
Take care of you. (normal) Cúrá, ut valeás! (sing.) Cúráte, ut valeátis! (plur.)
Take care of you. (stronger expression) Fac valeás! (sing.) Facite valeátis! (plur.)
Take care of you. (even stronger) Dá operam, ut valeás! (sing.) Dáte operam, ut valeátis! (plur.)

This needs to be merged with the e-mail page, if needed. Agricola 09:38, 22 July 2008 (CEST)

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