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Complete bio as of a.d. XVIII Kal. Sep. C. Buteone Po. Minucia cos. MMDCCLIX a.u.c.

C. Curius M.f. Stephani n. Pol. Saturninus was born in Helsinki Non.Mai. MMDCCXXXII. He became a Roman citizen a.d. XI Kal. April MMDCCLIII.

Saturninus has studied Cultural history, Latin, ancient Greek, Classical arcaheology and General history at university of Turku, where he has degree and is continuing his studies.

Saturninus has also studied visual arts, has a small advertising agency as family business and has experience since MMDCCXXXXIX in the field of new media, especially project management. Saturninus is also rector of Academia Thules, an online university.

Saturninus is married to Emilia Curia Finnica and they have a child, Marcus Curius Saturninus (born in MMDCCLVIII).

Saturninus has served as an assistant for many magistrates in Nova Roma over the years. He has been scriba for 5 Curule Aediles (MMDCCLV Caeso Fabius Quintilianus, MMDCCLVI Franciscus Apulus Caesar, MMDCCLVII Marcus Iulius Perusianus, MMDCCLVIII Lucius Iulius Sulla, MMDCCLIX Titus Iulius Sabinus), for 2 Plebeian Aediles (MMDCCLVII Emilia Curia Finnica, MMDCCLIX Iulilla Sempronia Magna), for 2 Praetors (MMDCCLVI Gnaeus Salix Astur, MMDCCLIX Titus Octavius Pius) and for 1 Censor (MMDCCLVII Caeso Fabius Quintilianus). He has also been accensus for 3 Consuls (MMDCCLVI Caeso Fabius Quintilianus, MMDCCLVII Gnaeus Salvius Astur, MMDCCLIX Pompeia Minucia Strabo).

He has also been a scriba and a legate of Proconsul and Propraetor of Thule (MMDCCLIII-MMDCCLVII Caeso Fabius Quintilianus).

His other duties in Nova Roma have been being of paterfamilias of Gens Curia, webmaser of Sodalitas Musarum (MMDCCLVII) and Dominus Factionis of Praesinae team (MMDCCLV and MMDCCLVII).

He has been a Questor of Consul (MMDCCLVII Gnaeus Salvius Astur) and a Tribunus Plebis (MMDCCLVIII). He is currently serving as Propraetor of Thule (MMDCCLVIII->).

This was sent to me from Saturninus. Let's make sure that everything gets listed. M. Lucretius Agricola 08:21, 15 August 2006 (CDT)

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