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Decimus Aurelius Ingeniarius (Talk | contribs)
(Review by C. Sempronius Aqulia of Provincia Australia)
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Revision as of 09:19, 2 October 2020

The following is a review provided by C. Sempronius Aquila of Provincia Australia in Sep of 2020.
  • Preamble - NR does NOT "practice" Roman civilization for the period 753BCE through to 394CE as the structure and organisation of NR is limited to the Republican era, as specified in the following paragraph.

Further more the Constitution specifies that there is a Comitia Populi Tributa with 35 Tribes. This number of Tribes did not exist until 241BCE. Suggest rephrasing accordingly.

  • Paragraph I.A. - There are three provisos listed but the paragraph refers only to two.
  • Paragraph II.B.4 - 'The State' hasn't really been defined and should be for clarity.
  • Paragraph V.B - Suggest capitalization of 'State'.
  • Paragraph V.B.2 - Suggest capitalization of 'State'.
  • Paragraph V.C - Last line, replace 'as' with 'at'.
  • Paragraph VI.B. - Suggest capitalization of 'State' and 'Nation'.
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