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This is a template for adding your book. Don't be afraid. It's easier than it looks.

First, read the instructions to the end.

The bit below the line is a template. You will copy it from here, then go back to the article (click the "article" tab) and edit the article (click the "edit" tab) so you can paste it at the end of the list, exactly as you see it here.

After you paste it in, you will make these changes and then preview the page. If it looks good, save it and you are done.

  1. Where you see NNNNNNNNNN replace that with your ISBN digits. No dashes or spaces, please. (2 places)
  2. Where you see FORMAT replace that with the book format: "paperback" or "hardcover".
  3. Replace TITLE, AUTHOR(S) and YYYY with the book title, the author or authors' names and the four digit year of publication.
  4. Where you see PRAENOMEN, NOMEN or COGNOMEN replace those with your names. This happens in two places, once with underbars joining each word and again without underbars joining them. Use the same pattern to add any agnomena you might have.

Don't change anything else, work carefully and verything will be fine.

Template starts below the line

<div style="float:left"> </div> '''TITLE''' (AUTHOR(S) / FORMAT / Published YYYY / ISBN NNNNNNNNNN). By [PRAENOMEN_NOMEN_COGNOMEN_(Nova_Roma)|PRAENOMEN NOMEN COGNOMEN]]. <br style="clear:both;"/>

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