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Mailing List: []
Mailing List: []
Established: Prid. Kal. Quint. [[Q. Maximo M. Minucio cos.]] (first charter)
Established: Prid. Kal. Quint. {{2000}} (first charter)
==Sodalitas Militarium==
==Sodalitas Militarium==

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Several Sodalitates, or associations, exist within Nova Roma for the discussion of topics of special interest to citizens, such as the arts, the Roman millitary, the Latin language, and more. Most of these Sodalitates have web sites and mailing lists of their own.

Any citizen may be a member of any Sodalitas, and non-citizens often participate in their mailing lists as well.

Sodalitates must be approved by the Senate.


Sodalitas Coquorum et Cerevisiae Coctorum

The Society of Cooks and Brewers

Devoted to the research, preparation, and enjoyment of the beverages, foods and dining methods of Roma Antiqua, those of cultures with which she came into contact, those of Nova Roma and the host cultures of Nova Roma's Cives. The main emphasis of all efforts is Roma Antiqua, with an eye to the future of Nova Roma. The Sodalitas provides a forum for communication and exchange of information between the brewers and cooks of Nova Roma, and to the benefit of the general population. Some recipes are collected in Fabulae Mensae.

Dominus: S. Ullerius Venator Piperbarbus

Mailing List:

Established: 17 Februarius MMDCCLII (charter)

Sodalitas Egressus

Nova Roma Outreach

The Sodalitas Egressus of Nova Roma was founded to promote our Republic and establish person-to-person contact of cives of Nova Roma with other organizations of Roman-related interests. This Sodalitas list provides its members with a point of contact, whereby various Sodalitas ventures are discussed, and where events sponsored by either Nova Roma or other organizations shall be posted.

Praefectus Fabrum: Marcus Minucius Audens

Mailing List:

Established: 14 Iunius MMDCCLIII (charter)

Sodalitas Latinitatis

The Latin Society

Civibus Novae Romae qui linguae litterisve Latinis vel philologiae classicae studeant, locus ubi haec agitentur nec non promotio Latinitatis Novae Romae. Tabellae Latine aliisque linguis scriptae accipiuntur.

For citizens of Nova Roma with an interest in the Latin Language, Latin Literature, and Classical Philology, a place to discuss these matters along with the promotion of Latinity in Nova Roma. Messages in Latin and other languages are welcome.

Magistri: Aula Tullia Scholastica, Aulus Apollonius Cordus

Decuriones: Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus, Gaius Decius Agricola, Gnaeus Equitius Marinus

Mailing List:

Established: Prid. Kal. Quint. Q. Maximo M. Minucio cos. MMDCCLIII a.u.c. (first charter)

Sodalitas Militarium

Roman Military

Members discuss and study aspects of the Roman Military with focus on Infantry, Cavalry, Naval, Engineering and Cartography. Although the Sodalitas Militarium in no way promotes conquest and unnecessary military force, we are intrigued by the efficiency of the Roman Military Vehicle and its positive contributions to the foundation of Ancient and contemporary civilization, as well as its tactical legacy to the military forces of today. Members discuss Ancient Roman military strategies, tactics, battles, and plan future sodalitas events. The Sodalitas is also involved in the sponsoring of Roman Reenactment Legions worldwide.

Praefectus Fabrum: Marcus Minucius Audens

Mailing List:


Sodalitas Munerum

Gladiatorial Combat

An association of Nova Roman citizens interested in the art of gladiatorial combat and related entertainments as practiced in ancient Rome. The Sodalitas is formed for the purpose of staging such games in as safe a manner as possible while still remaining authentic and entertaining. To further that end, the Sodalitas shall facilitate research, the production of armor and weapons, training, staging games, and those other activities which are deemed to support that mission.

Mailing List:

Established: 18 Julius MMDCCLIV (charter)

Sodalitas Musarum

Arts and Literature


The Sodalitas Musarum, under the patronage of Apollo and the Nine Muses, endeavours to develop and serve the cultural and artistic life of Nova Roma.

The Sodalitas Musarum is composed of ten Collegia, each of which is named after and under the patronage of the appropriate Muse or Apollo.

Collegia Sodalitatis

I. Calliope (Epic Poetry)
II. Clio (History and Social Science)
III. Euterpe (Music)
IV. Melpomene (Tragedy)
V. Terpsichore (Dance)
VI. Erato (Lyric Poetry)
VII. Polyhymnia (Sacred Song and Verse)
VIII. Urania (Astronomy and Natural Science)
IX. Thalia (Comedy)
X. Apollo (Graphic and Plastic Arts, and Architecture)

Coryphaea: Aula Tullia Scholastica


Mailing List:

Established: 05 December MMDCCLIII

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