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* [[Aedilis Curulis (Nova Roma)|Aedilis Curulis]]
* [[Aedilis Curulis (Nova Roma)|Aedilis Curulis]]
:{{2008}} Vide: [[Aedilitas curulis MMDCCLXI]]
* [[Quaestor (Nova Roma)|''Quaestor'']]
* [[Quaestor (Nova Roma)|''Quaestor'']]

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Sextus Lucilius Tutor
Album Civium

Sextus Lucilius Tutor currently lives in the Czech Republic.

Cursus Honorum

M. Moravio T. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXI a.u.c. Vide: Aedilitas curulis MMDCCLXI
L. Arminio Ti. Galerio cos. MMDCCLX a.u.c.

Other Posts

from C. Buteone Po. Minucia cos. MMDCCLIX a.u.c.
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