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Presiding Magistrate

Q. Arrius Nauta, Consul

The session was chaired by Q. Arrius Nauta. The 'Call to Convene' was announced on a.d. V Id. Oct.

Consular Auspices

The auspices were taken in the name of the Consul by pontifex Cn. Cornelius Lentulus upon the standing authorization by augur C. Claudius Quadratus, and were favorable.

Consular Opening and Closing Ceremony

The Senate session was ritually opened and closed by a sacrificial ceremony by pontifex Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, in behalf of Consul Q. Arrius Nauta.


The Senate of Nova Roma currently has 16 voting members which gives a minimum quorum of 11 voting members. With 15 senate members present and with 1 present through proxy, the QUORUM IS ACHIEVED.

Proxy - Gaius Petronius Dexter is on Leave - his Proxy is assigned to Sextus Lucilius Tutor - therefore, as per XI.J of the SENATUS CONSULTUM DE RATIONE SENATUS MMDCCLXV, he is deemed present.

The 16 voting members are (first those who are currently magistrates then in order of senatorial rank):

  • A. Tullia Scholastica, senatrix censoria, princeps senatus, CONSUL
  • Q. Arrius Nauta, senator consularis, CONSUL
  • C. Artorius Praeconinus, vir aedilicius, PRAETOR
  • C. Cornelius Barosus, vir aedilicius, PRAETOR
  • P. Annaeus Constantinus Placidus, senator censorius, AEDILIS CURULIS
  • M. Aurelius Cotta Iovius, senator praetorius, AEDILIS PLEBIS
  • Sex. Lucilius Tutor, senator censorius, TRIBUNUS PLEBIS
  • C. Tullius Valerianus Germanicus, senator censorius
  • M. Pompeius Caninus, senator consularis
  • T. Domitius Draco, senator consularis
  • C. Claudius Quadratus, senator consularis
  • M. Hortensia Maior Fabiana Faustina, senatrix praetoria
  • C. Petronius Dexter, senator praetorius - ON LEAVE OF ABSENCE
  • Q. Lutatius Catulus, senator praetorius
  • M. Iulius Camillus, senator praetorius
  • Gallio Velius Marsallas, senator quaestorius

The following 4 tribuni plebis who are not senators themselves have the right to attend this meeting of the Senate and are invited to participate therein:

  • D. Aurelius Ingeniarius, TRIBUNUS PLEBIS
  • Ti. Caecilia Sabina, TRIBUNA PLEBIS
  • M. Claudius Marcellus, TRIBUNUS PLEBIS
  • Ti. Iulius Nerva, TRIBUNUS PLEBIS


11:30 PM Rome Time (CET) a.d. V Id. Oct. 2774 AVC (11 October 2021) Call to convene.
12:00 AM Rome Time (CET) a.d. IV Id. Oct. 2774 AVC (12 October 2021) Call to order. Debate period commences. Debate period lasts until the time specified during the session according to the rules of SENATUS CONSULTUM DE SENATU HABENDO enacted on a.d. IV Kal. Iun. Q. Arrio P. Annaeo cos.
16:15 PM Rome Time (CET) a.d. XV Kal. Nov. 2774 AVC (18 October 2021) Debate period ends. Call to vote. Voting period commences.
16:00 PM Rome Time (CET) a.d. XII Kal. Nov. 2774 AVC (21 October 2021) Voting period ends.
20:00 PM Rome Time (CET) a.d. XII Kal. Nov. 2774 AVC (21 October 2021) Call to close issued before this time.


ITEM I Draft Senatus Consultum Ultimum De Validitate Senatus Consultorum Priorum Item for Vote

Proposal Results

ITEM I - Senatus consultum ultimum de validitate senatus consultorum priorum

Uti rogas = 9 = MACI, ATS, GCB, GVM, GCQ, SLT, GPD, MHMFF, QAN

Antiquo = 0

Abstineo = 0


Session Results

Item nb. Item title
I Senatus consultum ultimum de validitate senatus consultorum priorum
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