Senatus consultum regarding age exemption for Titus Octavius Pius Ahenobarbus MMDCCLIX (Nova Roma)

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This is a Proposed Senatus Consultum of Nova Roma. It will go into effect only if approved by the Senate.

Senate Agenda ITEM III B. Titus Octavius Pius Ahenobarbus

a.d. III Non. Sex. C. Buteone Po. Minucia cos. (MMDCCLIX a.u.c.)

The Senate of Nova Roma grants Titus Octavius Pius Ahenobarbus an age exemption to run for the office of Consul for the year 2007. At this time Titus Octavius Pius is 26 and the minimum age for Consul is 27 - his birthday is May 5th, 1980. He is currently a Praetor, and Senator and has previously been Quaestor, and Magister Aranearius as well as a past Accensus and scriba to several magistrates.

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