Senatus consultum on the establishment of the senate commission for review of provincial boundaries

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The Senatus Consultum in this page were issued during the time of schism between the illegal corporate Nova Roma dictatorship and the non-corporate free Nova-Roma. This Senatus Consultum was issued by the true free 'non-corporate' Nova Roma magistratus during this time.


Enacted on: a.d. IV Id. Oct. Sex. Lucilio C. Claudio P. Annaeo Q. Catulo tr. mil. cos. pot. ‡ XX ANRC et MMDCCLXX AUC (In the year of the Consular Tribunes Sex. Lucilius, C. Claudius, P. Annaeus and Q. Catulus, 12th October, 20 ANRC / 2770 AUC / 2017 AD)

I. The Senate mandates Sex. Lucilius Tutor to establish a commission under the authority of the Senate in order to review the existing provincial boundaries and to propose reforms; the commission shall present a report to the senate, after it completed its work, with a recommendation for possible changes on the provincial boundaries.

II. The Senate Commission for Review of Provincial Boundaries shall function as a workshop and it shall be chaired by Sex. Lucilius Tutor and its deputy chairman shall be T. Domitius Draco. The members of the commission shall be any volunteer citizens whom the chairman invites to work for the commission. The rules and procedures of the commission shall be determined by the chairman and deputy chairman in agreement, and the final report to the Senate shall be determined by a majority vote of the members of the commission.

III. The commission shall be established no later than the Kalends of November and shall make its report to the Senate within one year after its establishment.

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