Senatus consultum on appointment of Flavius Vedius Germanicus as Dictator

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This senatus consultum was proposed prid. Non. Apr. , L. Equitio Dec. Iunio cos. MMDCCLII a.u.c..

Senatus Consultum XXXIIII: Appointment of Flavius Vedius Germanicus as Dictator

(Proposed by Decius Iunius Palladius 7/4/99. Passed 7/4/99.)


I, Decius Iunius Palladius, Consul of Nova Roma, hereby convene the Senate to an emergency session to vote on the following:

"Whereas the current situation in Nova Roma is intolerable and threatens the very existence of Nova Roma both as a nation and as a membership organization, and,

"Whereas this crisis, while precipitated by a single incident, has at its root many causes that must be addressed so as to avoid any similar situations in the future, as well as to ensure the orderly and enjoyable continuation of Nova Roma, and,

"Whereas any solution to the present crisis should and must be done in accordance with the Constitution of Nova Roma,

"Do we, the Senate of Nova Roma, by vote of a majority, hereby appoint Flavius Vedius Germanicus to the office of Dictator, and invest in him complete authoritas and imperium, trusting him to resolve the present crisis and take whatever steps he deems necessary to prevent its recurrence in the future."

In the name of the Senate and People of the New Rome, And in the sight of the Gods,


Decius Iunius Palladius, Consul of Nova Roma
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