Senatus consultum de aedilibus et tribunis plebis creandis

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The Senatus Consultum in this page were issued during the time of schism between the illegal corporate Nova Roma dictatorship and the non-corporate free Nova-Roma. This Senatus Consultum was issued by the true free 'non-corporate' Nova Roma magistratus during this time.


Enacted on: a.d. III Non. Quint. Sex. Lucilio C. Claudio P. Annaeo Q. Catulo tr. mil. cos. pot. ‡ XX ANRC et MMDCCLXX AUC (In the year of the Consular Tribunes Sex. Lucilius, C. Claudius, P. Annaeus and Q. Catulus, 5th July, 20 ANRC / 2770 AUC / 2017 AD)

I. As the lex Cornelia Domitia de Re Publica Constituenda V.A. stipulates, Aediles Curules, Aediles Plebis and Tribuni Plebis can be elected for this current year Sex. Lucilio C. Claudio P. Annaeo Q. Catulo tr. mil. cos. pot. if the Senate resolves so in a senatus consultum. Hereby the Senate orders the Tribuni Militum Consulari Potestate to hold elections for Aediles Curules, Aediles Plebis and Tribuni Plebis.

II. The presiding Consular Tribune for the election may deviate from the election laws and candidacy requirements in as much as the circumstances necessitate that. The presiding magistrate is also authorized to convene the Comitia Plebis Tributa for the election of Aediles Plebis and Tribuni Plebis, and for this reason, the current presiding magistrate must be a plebeian.

III. The four elected Aediles shall operate jointly as a college, and shall hold all the games that are observed according to Nova Roman tradition.

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