Senatus Consultum On The Clarification Of The Status Of Current Governors

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The Senatus Consultum in this page were issued during the time of schism between the illegal corporate Nova Roma dictatorship and the non-corporate free Nova-Roma. This Senatus Consultum was issued by the true free 'non-corporate' Nova Roma magistratus during this time.


Enacted on: pr. Non. Oct. Cn. Lentulo T. Domitio cos. ‡ MMDCCLXIX AUC (In the year of the Consulship of Cn. Lentulus and T. Domitius, 6th October, 2769 AUC / 2016 AD)

I. All provincial governors shall remain in the position in which they were legally appointed before the coup, 16 November M. Pompeio Sex. Lucilio coss., regardless of any decision of the coup senate.

II. The governors thus prorogued, if not also prorogued by the corporate senate that supports coup, shall be considered non-corporate governors in the same manner and status as the non-corporate senate, non-corporate comitia, the non-corporate acting princeps senatus, the non-corporate interrex and the non-corporate consuls.

III. This unofficial, non-corporate senatus consultum shall not have any legal meaning or official status either under the laws of the State of Maine or within the context of Nova Roma, Inc. as a corporation chartered in the State of Maine, USA; however, it shall become an official senatus consultum of the Nova Roman Senate upon later confirmation by the lawful, legal state and corporate authorities of Nova Roma after order is restored to the Republic.

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