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The Senate Budget and Finance Committee maintains a discussion group.



"The Senate Budget Committee is responsible for drafting the annual budget and reviewing any additions proposed during the year. It shall also oversee the bank accounts of Nova Roma using any and all the tools available for doing so. The committee shall also make recommendations on revenue creating projects." (The enabling SC)
During the year 2008 the Senate Budget Committee is also reponsible for reviewing the past financial information to find any mistakes made and proposing solutions to correct these possible mistakes and for creating a proposal for new rules of financial procedures. The committee shall work in close coordination with both the Consules and the Senatus.


Ex-offico non-voting members for 2761

Submit Your Ideas

Here you can submit your ideas for review. Please, check first if your idea has already been posted here for us all to avoid unnecessary work. Also try to formulate your idea as wholly as possible, but still in concise manner and place your idea under appropriate heading. We also encourage the use of signature under each idea submitted. If you do not have an user account to this wiki or do not know how edit information here, please send your idea as email to any committee member.

Ideas about financial procedures

Ideas about ways to generate income for NR

Ideas about investments and other ways to use NR treasury

Other ideas

M. Moravio T. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXI a.u.c.

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