SC 2763 July 3 (Nova Roma)

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Item I - Dictatorship (voted text)

The text

The Senate of Nova Roma, having convened in an emergency session, considers that:

Whereas the current situation in Nova Roma threatens the very existence of Nova Roma both as a nation and as a membership organization, and,

Whereas these crises in our organization and corporation, our finances, and our technical problems result from many causes that must be addressed so as to avoid Nova Roma from harm, as well as to ensure the orderly and enjoyable continuation of Nova Roma, and,

Whereas any solutions to these present crises should and must be done in accordance with the governing bodies of law,

Do we, the Senate of Nova Roma, by the vote of a majority, hereby appoint Gnaeus Equitius Marinus to the office of Dictator, and invest in him complete auctoritas and imperium for a period of no more than six months, trusting in him to resolve the present crises and take whatever steps he deems necessary to prevent future harm to the Res Publica Populi Novae Romae.

The Senate conveys resolution of the following tasks, although not limited to these alone, to Cn. Equitius Marinus:

  • To oversee the rewriting of corporate bylaws for Nova Roma, Inc
  • To have the Constitution and subordinate laws reviewed for the purpose of amending or replacing them as are necessary to protect the respublica from harm
  • To resolve the IT issues that threaten our website and on which the functions of the respublica rely
  • To restructure voting procedures to make them robust against loss of technical programs or equipment.
  • To simplify the magisterial structure to provide fewer magistrates with better defined roles.

In the name of the Senate and the People of the Nova Roma, and in the sight of the Gods and Goddesses of the People of Nova Roma, under the provision of the Constitution IV.B.1, Gnaeus Equitius Marinus, Censorius is hereby appointed Dictator and Magister Populi of Nova Roma.

Votes and opinions

  • 16 UR : xxxx
  • 3 ABS
  • 1 ANT.
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