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[[Category:Candidates MMDCCLX|Valerius Callidus]]
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Tribunus Plebis
CIV-Quintus Valerius Callidus.jpg

Quintus Valerius Callidus

Album Civium

Election MMDCCLX

I, Quintus of the Valerii, called Callidus, of the tribe Galeria, don the toga candida, and here announce my candidacy for Tribunus Plebis.

I would like to extend my participation to include the functions of Tribunus Plebis, where, as a plebian myself, I believe I will be able to help fellow citizens expedite their way to learning, living, and enjoying more of what Nova Roma has to offer by providing them an additional voice in government with a careful eye to the virtues of Nova Roma.

I have been a citizen for nigh four years, and in that time I have been fortunate to meet wonderful people who share a love of learning, history, and friendship. I have been honored with the position of Cultural Scriba, Proconsular Scriba, Magister Aranearius Novae Britanniae, and Magister Aranearius Novae Romae.

Professionally, I am a web designer/systems programmer, and with 16 years in software development (over 12 in Perl, and 17 in c), as well as team participation and management. I have extensive experience with maintaining a healthy state of websites, including Unix/Linux/BSD operating systems, reactive webpages via Javascript, mysql and PostGreSQL database design and integration, and business logic services using perl and java. I hope my skills would become an asset to the Republic as a whole.

My professional credentials include work in financials, eCommerce and eLearning, and development of software for those fields, in Perl, as well as Java, Python, Jython, C, C++, Ruby, Scheme, Tcl/Tk, Yacc/Bison, Lex/Flex, mySQL and Postscript, including GUI and database development (SQL under Oracle, PostGreSQL, and mySQL), Ticket Tracking Systems, SOAP/XML, shopping cart design and implementation under apache (1.3 and 2.0 with SSL, perl templating by hand and with Interchange, and XHTML/CSS), statistical treatment, and system adaptation to user trends, preferences and criteria along with reporting facilities.

I hope my abilities are worth their salt, and if the people deem I have the right stuff, then I will do my best to help keep the wheels of the Republic running smoothly for the citizenry of Nova Roma.

Gratias vobis ago. Vale et Valete!

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