Quintus Arrius Nauta (Election MMDCCLX)

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Tribunus Plebis
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Quintus Arrius Nauta

Album Civium

Election MMDCCLX

Quintus Arrius Nauta Omnibus civibus Novae Romae s.p.d.

Salvete cives Novae Romae !

Let me introduce myself and present my candidacy for the office of tribunus plebis in MMDCCLXI A.U.C. (2008 CE).

I was born in the province of Pannonia, city of Aquincum 31 years ago. I work in the local garrison as a helmsman on a military vessel guarding fluvius Danuvius. I looked at ancient Rome with interest since childhood and later on I was learning lingua Latina for four years in high school. There - although I was overwhelmed with other studies - I performed quite well and get to know the ancient Roman culture and civilization more. Though it was a long time ago and when I found Nova Roma on the net I joined with the hope of refreshing my knowledge moreover to become a Roman myself.

Being a soldier myself I always interesed in Roman military, especially naval vessels and tactics, but I also participated in reenactment events within Pannonia. I decided to help actively our propraetor as scriba legati pro praetore to make the province more organized and to give a more attractive and easy to use homepage to us to have more more citizens in Pannonia. I have a large number of ideas and I see great opportunities in Nova Roma to realize them and improve our entire community by them.

As tribunus plebis I will represent and protect the people rights and interpret their desires to the senate. My plan are to improve our communication to the people by letting more of them know Nova Roma and more importantly to communicate with each other in an efficient manner. I believe this important office of Nova Roma would give me good chance to make innovative changes and several new ideas be realized to get another step closer to our common goal of a living and working New Roman society. My comminucation skills, education, commitment and of course my military skill will all be serving Nova Roma.

Valete omnes!

Quintus Arrius Nauta

Scriba Legati pro Praetore Pannoniae

Tribunus Plebis Candidatus

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