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Edictum Propraetoricium II

Ex Officio Legata Pro Praetore Annia Minucia Marcella

I hereby reaffirm Patricius Attacottus Vallavantinius as the Militarium Praefectus. He will continue to have all the duties and privileges contained therein. No oath is required.

This edictum is effective immediately. Given a.d. XV Kal. IANVARIAS, in the year of the Consulship of Lucius Arminius Faustus and Tiberius Galerius Paulinus, MMDCCLX a.u.c. 18 December 2007

Edictum Propraetoricium I

Ex Officio Annia Minucia Marcella

Appointment of Scriba Propraetoris

It is a great pleasure for me to appoint TIBERIVS HORATIVS BARBATVS as Scriba Propraetoris. No oath is required.

This edict takes effect immediately.

Done this day a.d. III Kal. Dec. MMDCCLX A.U.C. in the consulship of L. Arminius Faustus and Ti. Galerius Paulinus 29 November 2007

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