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Gnaeus Iulius Caesar issued an edict on December 16th 2008, establishing the Oppidum Laureatum within the municipal boundaries of Edmonton and surrounding cities and areas.

Current status: Caesar has appointed two provisional aediles and directed elections be held.


Gaius Vipsanius Agrippa has undertaken to try to find a supplier who will manufacture the provincial flag.

Current status: Agrippa is waiting on fresh quotes.


Gnaeus Iulius Caesar and Gaius Vipsanius Agrippa will be exploring how to establish a re-enactment legio in Edmonton.

Current status: Posters to be distributed at the University of Alberta advertising this project


Gnaeus Iulius Caesar has undertaken to try to find a supplier who will manufcature a provincial medal. This will not be coinage or carry Nova Roman trademarked devices, but rather commemorate a significant event in Roman history. A proportion of any net profits would be donated to the province and/or the Nova Roman treasury.

Current status: Placed on hold until oppidum status is attained. The medal will commemorate this event

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