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Annual report and budget 2760

Legatus Pro Praetore Provinciae Brasiliae Titus Arminius Genialis Senatui Novae Romae Consulique Tiberio Galerio Paulino SPD

According to advised by Edictum Consul Ti. Galerius Paulinus XV of 2760 and following recommendations of the Senatus Consultum "Provincial budgets" of 2753 and determination of Senatus Consultum "Regulation of gubernatorial prorogation" of 2754, I, Titus Arminius Genialis, legatus pro praetore in Provincia Brasilia, present you the Activities Report and Budget for 2760/2761.


This was a poor year in Provincia Brasilia. Just like as least two previous years, we had low activity in mailing list, few active citizens, no projects developed. However, in the last four weeks, several ideas have appeared, and projects for 2761 and 2762 are currently being built by all citizens together, and they are described below.

In April-June, I tried to perform a Provincial Census to verify whether the information of the Album Civium concerning Brazilian citizens was accurate, and I got not good results. To do so, I created a group of one legate and two scribes, which I called "Census Committee". This committee was presided by Senator Marcus Arminius Maior as legatus and composed by Caius Arminius Reccanellus and Philippus Arminius Caesar, both provincial scribae ad hoc.

From 58 questionnaires sent by email, only 27 (46%) replied. From 20 (34%) we had a "mailbox doesn't exist" message. The emails have been sent with 'read confirmation' option, but we did not receive neither a written reply nor an auto "read" message from 7 citizens. From 2 citizens we received a "read" message, but no written reply. Finally, from 2 further citizens we had a "full inbox" message. For next year, as determined by the Censors' Census, we will need to perform phone calls and conventional mail posts to those non-responsive citizens.


I have created a Curia, with several specific positions, for each scribe to head a different project. We have been working on a priority list, as follows.

1. Restore a provincial website and tabularium
2. Promote a regional meeting of citizens living in São Paulo state of Brazil
3. Create an online magazine, to be published in PDF at priovincial website
4. Perform provincial ludi at our mailing list
5. Restore the provincial Temple of Concordia, Pax et Salus Publica
6. Promote regional meeting in every Brazilian states
7. Found a provincial military Legio
8. Fount a provincial University
9. Establish the non-profit organization "Associação Cultural de Estudos Clássicos Nova Roma do Brasil", according to Brazilian macronational law.
10. Promote a provincial meeting with citizens from all regions of Brazil

These projects are divided into short-term (from 1 to 4), med-term (5 and 6), long-term (from 7 to 9), and very-long-term (10).
Project 1 is currently being developed by myself and Scriba Retiarius et Tabulariorum Senator Marcus Arminius Maior. I think the site and tabularium will be ready by the first half of December. I shall also restart translating the Nova Roma website into Portuguese, as my duties of Interpres, as soon as possible. This should also be very important for Brazilian citizens.
Project 2 and 4 are right on the way. I guess the first meeting will be held on mid-November. Details are available below. Concerning provincial ludi, the scribe is currently researching other kinds games than the usually played gladiator combats and chariot races. These ludi shall begin on the first quarter of 2761. These projects are headed by Scriba Ludorum Lucius Gratius Nerva.
Project 3 has not yet started. A few ideas are being thought at the moment, but no concrete action has taken yet. The scriba commentariorum is Caius Arminius Reccanellus.
Project 5 has no person committed yet. Perhaps I should take it myself, after finishing the restoration of the provincial website. I have already served as Apparitor of this temple when it was active a few years ago.
Project 6 depends on volunteer citizens in each region to organize and the other citizens of those regions to agree. Nothing has been done yet on this way.
Project 7 has not started too. We have a citizen who showed interest in getting committed, but we did not start working on it yet.
Project 8 has been given to Scriba Academiae Brasiliae Philippus Arminius Caesar, who has started to collect information concerning interests of the citizens and possibilities of creation of some courses. This is in the right beginning, and our goal is to get this working by the end of 2761 or first half of 2762.
Project 9 has already started. Caius Arminius Reccanellus was appointed Legatus Sociorum, with rights to represent me in this duty. He already started to collect information about what are the legal requirements and how much this will cost. This is a project for the second half of 2762.
Project 10 is an almost utopic idea, considering the country huge size, economic situation and traveling costs in Brazil. It has been included as a project anyway.
Besides, a webforum has been created by Philippus Arminius Caesar, where we expect to share doubts and information and to raise conversations about Roman subjects.


As part of our activities, we are planning a regional meeting for citizens living in São Paulo state of Brazil for next November. This would increase unity between citizens, estimulate the organization of other regional meetings in other parts of the Provincia and divulgue Nova Roma between non-citizens.

Our meeting will be held at the Villa Lobos (state) Park, a beautiful, crowded place on weekends. There are going to be gladiator combats (which will happen in association with Batalha Campal ancient military study group), a picnic and a lecture. All activities will be on open, public space, so the circulating people could come and see what is happening. The Nova Romans will wear Roman clothes and we shall make some folders and poster for advertisement.



From official taxes: USD 71.50.
From "provincial taxes": USD 37.50
From "toga fund": USD 43.50
From regional meetings: USD 60.00
=Subtotal USD 212.50


In 2760, we had 16 assidui citizens who paid taxes through my personal PayPal account besides at least 5 additional citizens who paid taxes by their own. Considering USD 2.86 for each, we had a USD 60.06 income. I think in 2761 we are going to have a little greater figures, considering we have currently about 8 new citizens, who will have to pay taxes from next year, if they want to start their political life in NR. If we consider 50% of these to become assidui, we are going to have further USD 11.44. I have created a Scriba Praeceptor, who is responsible basically for receiving new applicants and showing them what is NR and how it works. Of course, as a part of this job, the Scriba should try to explain the new citizens why the taxes are important and how paying them can be advantageous. Another way of estimulating the new citizens to become assidui is encouraging the current assidui citizens to run on ellections. If they all candidate themselves, the new citizens may feel excited with the possibility of starting their own cursus honorum.

Besides, we are thinking to ask donations. We do not know whether this will be profitable or not, but it is something to develop for next year. One way of doing so is asking the assidui to pay an additional "provincial tax", that would cost USD 1.50. Considering the low value of the current official tax, we think this may be possible. If 50% of the assidui also pays the "provincial tax", we would have an additional USD 37.50 revenue. This additional budget would be helpful for promoting provincial meetings and for the establishment of the Nova Roma do Brasil non-profit organization.

Additionally, I thought on creating a "toga fund". By raising this fund, we could purchase some togas and stolas that would be kept property of the province, and they could be borrowed to the citizens when they need them during an event if they cannot afford buying themselves one. Only citizens who paticipated on this fund would be able to lend these clothes; and when they lend it, that should pay another USD 1.5 fee, and they should return it cleaned or washed as needed. Considering that 25 citizens could help us, and a USD 1.50 donation for each, we would raise USD 37.50. If we buy two togas, and they both are borrowed twice, we would get further USD 6.

Eventually, during the regional meeting to be promoted, we are planning to ask a volunteer USD 10 for covering the expenses at those events. If we have 5 citizens participating on each event, and we have 2 events, and 3 of them pay on each, we are going to receive USD 60.


Reiumbursement of regional meeting 2760: USD 60.00
Promotion of a regional meeting in 2761: USD 60.00
The "toga fund": USD 80.00
Establishment of Nova Roma do Brasil non-profit organization: USD 100.00
Expenses with Census 2760: USD 15.00
=Subtotal USD 315.00


I consider an expenditure of USD 60.00 for each meeting: one meeting in Nov 2760 and another one in 2761. As this year's meeting has not been previewed when Provincial Budget 2759/2760 was made, we are going to need this expenditure reimbursement if possible. This meeting expenditure would be the funds necessary for buying/cooking food and drink for our picnic, making folders and banners and other related issues.

If we can get USD 80.00, then it will be possible to purchase about two togas or one toga and one stola-palla set.

Besides, for phone calls and conventional mail letters that will be made for the NR official Census 2760, we anticipate an expediture of USD 15.00

For establishing our province as a Brazilian non-profit organization, there are macronational taxes that are equivalent to about USD 100.00


Considering an anticipated provincial income (not considering the official taxes) of USD 142 and expenses of USD 315, we need additional USD 174. This negative result could be resolved in two ways: either by receiving a part of the official taxes (part of the USD 71.50 anticipated) or by lowering costs of the projects, specially the toga project and the reimbursement of 2760 meeting.


I would like to express my desire on remaining provincial governor of Brasilia for 2761 period, so that all the projects that are currently beginning can be developed.

Provincia Brasilia, a.d. V Kal. Nov. L. Arminio Ti. Galerio cos. (October 28th, 2761 AUC/2007 CE).

Legatus Pro Praetore Provinciae Brasiliae

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