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Areas by alphabetical listing

Name Abrv Countries (links to provincial lists/web pages included) Area status Communities Assigned
1 Alasca et Havaia AEH U.S.A. states of Alaska and Hawaii Unsettled NIL VACANT
2 America Cismississippiana ACM U.S.A. States of Illinois and Indiana Unsettled NIL VACANT
3 America Deserta AMD U.S.A. States of Arizona, Nevada and Utah Province NIL Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix
4 America Gallica AGL U.S.A. States of Arkansas and Louisiana Unsettled NIL VACANT
5 America Hispanica AHS U.S.A. States of New Mexico and Colorado Unsettled NIL VACANT
6 America Mississippiensis AMS U.S.A. States of Mississippi and Alabama Unsettled NIL VACANT
7 America Missuriensis AMO U.S.A. states of Iowa and Missouri Unsettled NIL VACANT
8 America Montana AMW U.S.A. states of Montana and Wyoming Unsettled NIL VACANT
9 America Nebrascensis ANE U.S.A. states of Nebraska and Kansas Unsettled NIL VACANT
10 America Noveboracensis ANB U.S.A. States of New York and New Jersey Unsettled NIL VACANT
11 America Oregonensis AOR U.S.A. States of Idaho, Oregon and Washington Unsettled NIL VACANT
12 America Texia ATX U.S.A. States of Texas and Oklahoma Unsettled NIL VACANT
13 America Transappalachiana ATA U.S.A. States of Tennessee and Kentucky Unsettled NIL VACANT
14 Argentina ARG Argentine Republic, Rep. of Paraguay, Oriental Rep. of Uruguay Unsettled NIL VACANT
15 Australia AUS Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand Unsettled NIL VACANT
16 Brasilia BRA Fed. Rep. of Brazil Unsettled NIL VACANT
17 Britannia BRT United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Unsettled NIL VACANT
18 California Angelensis CAA U.S.A. State of California, south of Paso Robles and Delano Province NIL Quintus Fabius Maximus
19 California Franciscensis CAF U.S.A. State of California, north of Paso Robles and Delano Province NIL Quintus Fabius Maximus
20 Canada Citerior CCI Prov. of Ontario, Québec, Labrador-Terre Neuve, New Brunswick, New Scotland Province NIL Gnaeus Iulius Caesar
21 Canada Ulterior CUL Prov. of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Yukon, Northwest and Nunavut Territories Province NIL Gnaeus Iulius Caesar
22 Carolina CAR U.S.A. States of North Carolina and South Carolina Unsettled NIL VACANT
23 Columbia COL U.S.A. State of Maryland and the District of Columbia Unsettled NIL VACANT
24 Dacia DAC Rep. of Romania and Rep. of Moldavia to river Dniestr Province NIL Titus Iulius Sabinus
25 Dacota DNS U.S.A. states of North Dakota and South Dakota Unsettled NIL VACANT
26 Gallia GAL Kingdom of Netherlands, Grand-Duché of Luxembourg, Kingdom of Belgium, Rep. of France, Principality of Monaco, French-speaking Swiss territories, without the German-speaking territories of Belgium, except French overseas territories Unsettled NIL VACANT
27 Georgia Florida GAF U.S.A. States of Florida and Georgia Unsettled NIL VACANT
28 Germania GER Rep. of Germany, of Austria and Principality of Liechtenstein, the German-speaking territories of Switzerland and Belgium Unsettled NIL VACANT
29 Guria GUR North Korea and South Korea Unsettled NIL VACANT
30 Hispania HIS Rep. of Portugal and Kingdom of Spain Unsettled NIL VACANT
31 Italia ITA Rep. of Italy, Vatican, San Marino, Malta and the Italian-speaking Swiss territories Italia NIL VACANT
32 Lacus Magni LMG U.S.A. States of Wisconsin and Michigan Unsettled NIL VACANT
33 Mediatlantica MED U.S.A. States of Pennsylvania and Delaware Unsettled NIL VACANT
34 Minnesota MIN U.S.A. state of Minnesota Unsettled NIL VACANT
35 Nipponia NIP Japan Unsettled NIL VACANT
36 Nova Britannia Citerior NBC U.S.A. states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont Unsettled NIL VACANT
37 Nova Britannia Ulterior NBU U.S.A. states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Unsettled NIL VACANT
38 Nova Hispania NHS United Mexican States, Belize, Republics of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama Unsettled NIL VACANT
39 Ohio OHO U.S.A. State of Ohio Unsettled NIL VACANT
40 Pannonia PAN Reps. of Slovenia and Hungary Unsettled NIL VACANT
41 Sarmatia SAR Ukraine, Russian Federation, Rep. of Belarus, and the Transnistria (East Bank of river Dniestr) Unsettled NIL VACANT
42 Thule THU Rep. of Iceland, Kingdoms of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, Rep. of Finland Unsettled NIL VACANT
43 Venedia VEN Poland Unsettled NIL VACANT
44 Virginia VIR U.S.A. States of Virginia and West Virginia Unsettled NIL VACANT

Areas by Geographic Region

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South America


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