Prayers to Carmentis (Nova Roma)

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Carmentis is associated with ritualized speech. The carmen is a manner of addressing the Gods, and from the carmen also developed charms, poetry, and forms of rhetoric. Carmentis was also considered the inventor of the Roman alphabet. To give you some idea of the range of Carmentis' aspects, here are some prayers you might wish to include in rites to Her.


Mater, te appello, age adsta, mane, audi; iteradum eadem ista mihi dic.

Mother, on You I call, come, stand by me, stay, and listen to my pleas. Speak to me once again, in Your own words, as You did before. Bring forth, Carmentis, Your sisters Porrima and Postverta that They too may sing of things that once were and of things that are meant to be. Be my guide, if there is any way, and make Your course from the sky above into this grove as once You dwelt beneath the Capitoline, where rich boughs shade fertile land. Holy Mother, do not desert me in my hour of indecision, but lend me Your advice once more.

Carmenae meliora feratis mihi somnia vera

O Carmenae, may you bring better dreams than this evil vision that has awakened me from a peaceful sleep; let it not be a prophetic vision. Cast far away from me this vain and false vision, and cease plucking my intestines with your zealous inquiries. Carmenae, I pray, turn this cruel dream to good, as night is turned into day, and bid the warm South wind to carry it away.

Da illi hasce opes, Carmentis, quas peto, quas precor porrige opitula

Grant her the strength, Carmentis, to whom I ask, to whom I pray; extend your assistance to her. Bring with you every herb for ending pain, and soothing songs to sing over her; from across the ocean, from distant shores, bear such herbs as will cure her most severe ills, or whatever else she may most fear. Rack this girl no longer with pain, nor cruelly delay her birthing.

Huc ades et tenerae morbos expelle puellae

Draw near, Carmentis, and expel the illness from this tender girl, come, draw near. Goddess in whose sacred spring Egeria once dipped her flowing hair, hear me and hasten. Apply Your healing songs to her, save her from her ailments. Allow not that she should waste away emaciated, or that her color should wane pallor, or that her limbs should lose their strength. Whatsoever this illness may be, whatever sorrow we may fear it will bring, carry it off with the waters of a swift running stream to the seas. Holy One, come! And bring with You all Your delicacies, all Your songs, and all else that will soothe the sick. Then the Gods will raise a pious tumult in praise to You and desire That They too had Your healing arts.

Virum mihi, Camena, insece versutum.

Camena, in hot pursuit of clever (wo)men, come to me. Before wise Minerva invented Roman numerals, Before any Greek inscribed the words of Homer, Latin letters You taught to Eulina of Gabii.

Maenelian Voice carried from across the sea, Inspire us with song that we may address the Gods, Bring charms to teach our children their letters, That they may carry on as pious Romani.

Valete et vadete in pace Carmentis
Marcus Moravius Piscinus
Flamen Carmentalis

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