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Overview of "Praetores"
The praetores are the second highest magistracies of the Roman Republic and are considered as lower colleagues of the consules. Learn more...
Praetores in Roma Antiqua

Praetors were "curule magistrates" and had imperium, and consequently were one of the magistratus maiores: but they owed respect and obedience to the consuls. They were accompanied by six lictors and performed mainly judicial functions. Originally there was one praetor elected as minor colleague to the consules.

The praetor could command the armies of the state; and while the consuls were absent with the armies, he exercised their functions within the city. The Latin word "praetor" means literally "who goes before", "who precedes" and we can translate it as "president", "leader" and "commander". [1]

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Praetores in Nova Roma

One of the magistracies of Nova Roma. There is one Praetor of year 2766:

Vide: Officium Praetorium MMDCCLXVI

The domain of authority of the praetores includes:

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Selected photo
Past Praetores in Nova Roma
Praetores projects

Wiki projects

Former praetrix Aula Tullia Scholastica:

"An important aim is to have more laws translated into other European languages, correct the Latin titles in the non-English sections of the Tabularium, and bring them into conformity with those in the English section."
Overview of other magistracies
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