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Pomerium is a no-profit cultural association, created in 2004 and composed by italian citizens of Nova Roma. Its goal is the support and organization of activities for studies, research and historical and archeological promotion of Ancient Rome and the republican era. It supports and helps the activities of Nova Roma by permitting us to sign legal contracts, collaborations with public administrations, public documents legal in the Italian State and European Union, etc.

In collaboration with italian and european organizations and public istitutions, Pomerium create projects of reasearch and preservation of the archeological and historical roman heritage. The Association give services for cultural projects and reenacting events, communicational and multimedial services and products. To the members, Pomerium give the possibilities to empharise teh own passion for Rome organizing cultural activitis, archeological tour and travels, live events, Internet communities, projects and a long list of services and activities with special prices.

Join Association Pomerium at http://www.pomerium.org

Association Pomerium produced:

X - Le Prime X miglia dell'Appia Antica Multimedial CD-Rom about Ancient Rome, from Porta Capena to the oppidum of bovillae, a tour of 15 km between monuments and archeological rests with photos and technical schedules. Realized in italian in collaboration with the Group for the preservation of the Caffarella Park. Buy now with € 10,00 at http://www.pomerium.org/prodotti/index.htm

POMERIVM It's the official magazine of the Association Pomerium, a bulletin about the activities of the group with articles and interviews about Rome and Romanitas, in collaboration with a skilles staff and famous archeologists and experts. POMERIVM is published any 3 months for free and in PDF format. Download now the latest release of Pomerium at http://www.pomerium.org/pomerivm.htm

Where you can meet Pomerium:

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