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AC-2logo.png This page is maintained under authority of the Aediles Curules
Nova Roma provides the Macellum only as a courtesy for citizens. It does not endorse the selling or guarantee the quality and availability of products. The burden is on the buyer to make sure that the seller is legitimate and contractible. The informations given in the Macellum pages, either by text, sound or image, do not involve Nova Roma commercial responsibility, even if Nova Roma is brought, in order to allow the consumer carrying on getting the best information on the product and to correct a previously wrong information dispatched by the seller, to replace in these pages, an information or part of information by provisory one(s). If a seller cannot complete a transaction within three months, the buyer should contact the Aediles

Acceptance into the Ordo Equester represents official endorsement of a business by the Res Publica of Nova Roma. Equestrians are entitled to free web space at the Nova Roma website to display products and/or services, general promotion of their products and/or services, and additional century points.

A version of this application in ".DOC" format is also available.

Return completed applications:

  • Electronically (cut and paste form and complete) to the Censors via our contact page.
  • or mail completed form to:
Nova Roma
Post Office Box 404
Colchester, CT 06415, USA.

I. Roman name (in micronation of Nova Roma)

II. Legal name (in macronation)

III. Name of business (if any, i.e. corporate or dba trade name)

IIII. City, state/province, country in which business will be primarily conducted

V. Summary of nature of business

VI. Description of products and/or services offered (attach extra sheets if necessary), including if possible estimated pricing structure, and relevance, if any--

  • to the culture of Rome between 753 BCE and 395 CE
  • to Nova Roma

VII. Number of years in business

VIII. Percent of sales on items in no. VI willing to contribute to Nova Roma treasury (minimum = 5% gross or 10% from profit margin)

IX. Are you willing to provide documentation, including but not limited to, copies of macronational tax reports/returns and account ledgers relevant to the subject business, upon request of the Senate, or a consul, censor, praetor or aedilis, of Nova Roma?

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