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  • Textkit is a collection of texts, resources, services and tutorials for both Latin and Greek.
  • "LatinStudy is an open mailing list dedicated to the study of Latin, including Classical, Medieval, and Neo-Latin authors. Both beginners and experienced Latinists will find something of interest here."
  • Latin for Mountain Men: A short course in practical Latin. A tutorial that is good for beginners or as an easy refresher.


See: Academia Thules




  • Vox Romana, Nova Roma's own news broadcast. English and Latin.
  • Latinum: Learn Latin through this podcast. The website has very complete resources.

Mailing Lists

  • Grex Latine Loquentium, the greatest e-mail list for living Latin, where Latin is the only language allowed, and one can read the best Latin speakers the world over, and exchange messages with them.
  • Nuntii Latini, current news in Latin, that can be read or even directly listened to. A new podcast feed is now available.
  • Ephemeris, on-line news, completely written in Latin and including numerous sections.


  • WORDS downloadable version for many operating systems.
  • KLATIN is part of the KDE Education Project. For Linux.
  • Before You Know It Lite For Windows, Mac, PocketPC and Palm.


  • Some Project Gutenberg texts are available in "Plucker" format. Plucker is a free text reader that works on PalmOS PDAs.
  • For Linux software such as KLATIN, most users should use their "package manager" (apt-get, synaptic, YAST etc.)
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