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Online learning

Textkit is a collection of texts, resources, services and tutorials for both Latin and Greek.

Courses taught online

See: Academia Thules

Tutorials available online

  • Latin for Mountain Men. The subtitle is "A short course in practical Latin" and it is exactly that, and fun too. Good for beginners or as an easy refresher.

Materials online

Dictionaries on-line

Latin in use on the web

  • Vox Romana, Nova Roma's own news broadcast.
  • Grex Latine Loquentium, the greatest e-mail list for living Latin, where Latin is the only language allowed, and one can read the best Latin speakers the world over, and exchange messages with them.
  • Nuntii Latini, current news in Latin, that can be read or even directly listened to.
  • Ephemeris, on-line news, completely written in Latin and including numerous sections.


  • Some Project Gutenberg texts are available in "Plucker" format. Plucker is a free text reader that works on PalmOS PDAs.
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