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* [ KLATIN] is part of the KDE Education Project. For Linux. <ref name="linux"/>
* [ KLATIN] is part of the KDE Education Project. For Linux. <ref name="linux"/>
* [ Before You Know It ''Lite''] For Windows, Mac, PocketPC and Palm.
* [ Before You Know It ''Lite''] For Windows, Mac, PocketPC and Palm.
==Additional languages==
Resources for languages other than English that do not (yet) have a namespace here.
* Latin/Estonian dictionary

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For physical texts, see Reading list for lingua Latina.


So called "Laudatio Turiae" inscription (fragment). Vide: Lucretius. Courtesy of VROMA.

Learning Communities

Textkit is a collection of texts, resources, services and tutorials for both Latin and Greek. Textkit is the Internet's largest provider of free and fully downloadable Greek and Latin grammars and readers. There are also many other areas of Textkit which can help you learn Greek and Latin. There is a Forum where you can meet and learn Greek and Latin with other learners. There are study groups where you can move through a textbook at a set schedule with others. With a newsletter subscription you can download a collection of Greek and Latin answer keys. Textkit Vocabulary lets you can create entirely free online vocabulary courses complete with quizzes.
The LatinStudy List 
The LatinStudy List is an open mailing list dedicated to the study of Latin, including Classical, Medieval, and Neo-Latin authors. Both beginners and experienced Latinists will find something of interest here. It is shared by multiple study groups. There are typically several levels of beginners' groups as well as advanced groups translating passages from, say, Caesar or Vergil, and some composition groups reviewing grammar. A coordinator sets the group's agenda, then collects and collates assignments. These collations, or side-by-side listings of each group member's answers or translations, are posted directly to the list for discussion. Most questions are answered by the other list members, not necessarily those in your study group. This mix of experience levels, where people switch between the roles of student and instructor, makes the list a particularly effective learning environment and contributes to a sense of community.
Cambridge School Classics Project 
The Cambridge School Classics Project is home of the world-renowned Cambridge Latin Course, hundreds of free teaching and learning resources, teacher support for Latin in UK schools, Latin online activities, myths and performance storytelling, the Electronic Pocket Oxford Latin Dictionary, and much more!


Latin for Mountain Men: A short course in practical Latin 
A tutorial that is good for beginners or as an easy refresher.
Latin Online 
A well-organized and comprehensive tutorial designed along modern lines. Authentic texts are introduced immediately. From The Linguistics Research Center at the the University of Texas at Austin.


See: Academia Thules




  • Vox Romana, Nova Roma's own news broadcast. English and Latin.
  • Latinum: Learn Latin through this podcast. The website has very complete resources.

Mailing Lists

  • Grex Latine Loquentium, the greatest e-mail list for living Latin, where Latin is the only language allowed, and one can read the best Latin speakers the world over, and exchange messages with them.
  • Nuntii Latini, current news in Latin, that can be read or even directly listened to. A new podcast feed is now available.
  • Ephemeris, on-line news, completely written in Latin and including numerous sections.


Additional languages

Resources for languages other than English that do not (yet) have a namespace here.


  1. 1.1 1.2 1.3 Some Project Gutenberg texts are available in "Plucker" format. Plucker is a free text reader that works on PalmOS PDAs.
  2. 2.1 2.2 For Linux software such as KLATIN, most users should use their "package manager" (apt-get, synaptic, YAST etc.)
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