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This is the office of the consules L. Cornelius Sulla Felix and his colleague (not yet elected) for MMDCCLXVI a.u.c


Oath of Office of Consul

Cohors Consularis



  • Accensus: Gaius Claudius Quadratus
  • Accensus: Petrus Quinctius Petrus Augustinus

Edicta of the Consules

The edicta are general or individual rules of law that, within Nova Roma as in the ancient Rome, that this office is allowed issue. These rules provide enforcement, application, and completion of the general rules issued by the Constitution of Nova Roma, its By-laws, made by the People or the Plebs through their comitia (assemblies), or by senatus consulta, or decrees issued by the Senate of Nova Roma.

These edicta cannot be issued outside the fields of responsibily as defined by the Constitution, in its paragraph IV, A, 4, and stated above.

In the first column you may check the "Status" of the edictum: in force ("Val." valido) or lapsed. A lapsed edict has either be withdrawn/removed by the issuer or her/his successor ("Exp." expunctus), either been replaced by another one ("Sub." substituo), or, at last, vetoed ("VETO") by a higher magistrate (for ex. a consul : "COS") or by a tribune of the plebs ("TB"). The current consular edicta are classed by number (2nd column). Except in an extraordinary case, the higher the number, the later the issuing day. The "Consul" head abbreviation designates the consul(s) who has issued it ("LCSF" for L. Cornelius Sulla Felix). The "Forum message ref" is the number of the original message posted in the Forum Romanum (Yahoo! "Main List"). The "Subject" indicated the nature of the edictum.

Status Number Consul Forum message ref Subject
Val. 66-01 LCSF ML 89242 Re-Issuance of Consular Edict - Appointment to Information Technology Task Force
Val. 66-02 LCSF ML 89253 Appointment of Consular Staff
Val. 66-03 LCSF ML 89256 Re-Issuance of Consular Edict - Collection of Annual Tax Arrears
Val. 66-04 LCSF ML 90567 Appointment and Release of Scribae

Current Job Openings - Office of the Consules of Nova Roma

Required Months
as an NR Civis
Accensus Member of Consular Cohors 5 CPs n/a M. Pompeius Caninus OPEN - Multiple Positions

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