Officina aedilium plebis MMDCCLX

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Ludi Ceriales 12th - 19th April
* [[Ludi Ceriales (Nova Roma)|Ludi Ceriales]]
* [[Ludi Plebeii (Nova Roma)|Ludi Plebeii]]
Ludi Plebeii 4th - 17th November

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Officina Aedilium Plebis MMDCCLIX

Office of the Plebeian Aediles for the year L. Arminio Ti. Galerio cos. MMDCCLX a.u.c..

Goal statements, project assignments and reports from the offices of the Plebeian Aediles.




Plebeian Aedile C. Curius Saturninus

CIV-Caius Curius Saturninus.jpg Caius Curius Saturninus

Aedilis Plebis MMDCCLX



Quaestor Q. Iulius Probus

Scriba Caius Curius Saturninus

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