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Nova Britannia provincial report MMDCCLXI

43 Cives are listed by the Census(22 Assidui and 2 minors), with 1 prospective Citizen.

  • Activity and Projects

The Province of Nova Britannia has been more active this year than previous years. We've completed a few projects planned since last year, such as the Provincial T-shirts(Link) and we've completed a new brochure to place in libraries and colleges advertising our province. We've also come up with a new project to affiliate ourselves with by having a "Recommended Reading" Section on our provincial website(Books). Our new Provincial Forums are up and running as well. We have initiated a project to obtain a handmade provincial flag. There is also a workshop scheduled in Connecticut for Feb 21st 2009 to teach our members how to make roman tunics and leather pouches.

Senatrix Equestria Iunia Laeca has been commended on her service to Nova Roma with a certificate from the province, to be given to her this month.

We've held 2 Provincial Meetings this year in the Regios Connecticut and Massachusetts. I've appointed new Legates for the Regios Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. We are still without a Legate for Maine. The next meeting is scheduled to occur next March.

  • Militarium

The Legio III Cyrenaica [1] held two encampments in the Regios Vermont and Massachusetts, and participated in the Columbus Day Parade in the Regio of Rhode Island. Some members of the Legio also made their way down to Roman Days in Virginia this year. The Legio also continues to hold monthly demonstrations at the Higgins Armory in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Read the Full Report

  • Religio Romana

Currently there are no priests in NB. The only priest is serving in Iraq, Gaius Minucius Hadrianus Felix Minerva Templi Sacerdotes.

  • Culture Report

Ex Officio Legate Numerius Gladius Bibulus: Roman Cultural Activities in Nova Britannia

Buoyed by the significant number of universities and museums in the province there were many cultural events of interest to Nova Romans this year.

The Higgins Armory Museum, located just outside of Boston in Worcester, MA, has continued to feature Legio III Cyrenaica in its calendar of events as a "Roman living history group that looks to accurately portray the famous Legion based in Alexandria, Egypt during the Flavian period (60-100 AD/CE)."

The Boston Area Classics Calendar is hosted by Harvard University and is a comprehensive calendar of scholarly lectures which are open to the public throughout the province.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is currently featuring "Art and Empire: Treasures from Assyria in the British Museum." The MFA has a large collection called "Art of the Ancient World" and their website has been expanded to include an interactive online tour of the museum's Roman collection.

  • Regio Reports

Vermont: Ex officio Legate Decius Iunius Palladius

This August there was a gathering at my house of members of my familia and a scattering of other citizens from throughout the province, the first such gathering in this regio for several years at least. I would characterize it as a success, though driving rain kept the gathering inside and Roman clothing packed.

I continue to look for another regio official in the Burlington area, where most people in Vermont are located, as I live in a sparsely populated portion of the state (250 people in my town). There are several colleges with classics programs over there that would be ripe for recruits, but the only problem with college students is they are transitory and soon to leave the state.

I am talking over Nova Roma with some Latin teachers in the area, one of whom has a pretty complete legionary kit, despite not being in a reenactment legion.

POPULATION COUNT. Based on information from Nova Roma,
-The Regio has 6 Citizens.
-1 Citizen is listed as Assidui.

Massachusetts: Ex Officio Legate Tiberius Horatius Barbatus

This has been a growing, organizing year for Massachusetts Regio. For the first half of the year, the Regio had no active Legate. As of August, I have:

-Created a spreadsheet with each Citizen’s contact information.
-Created a Google map showing the location of each Citizen.
-Contacted each Citizen numerous times with pertinent information concerning the Regio

Responses from the Citizens have been sparse, but in general, a good start.

POPULATION COUNT. Based on information from Nova Roma,
-The Regio has 15 Citizens and 1 Provisional Citizen.
-1 Citizen is questionable as to her actual Provincia - Cyrene Lucretia Corva Apollinaris (13). Her NR address info is listed as Guilderland NY.
-9 Citizens are listed as Assidui.

The Regio organized and hosted the Fall Ordinary Meeting of the Praetorium in September. 2 Citizens of the Regio (not including the Legate and Legata Pro Praetore) were in attendance.

Citizens of the Regio who are counted on the roster of Legio III CYR participated in Demonstrations at the Higgins Armory (Worcester MA) as well as the Fall Encampment in Kingston MA.

Citizens of the Regio attended King Richard’s Faire in October.

Rhode Island: Ex Officio Legate Gaius Tullius Valerianus Germanicus

My report is simple: Since I was made legate of RI, I tried to contact the citizens listed for my region (2 others besides myself at the time). Only 1 responded, mostly to say that he was not particularly active in Nova Roma at the moment and not interested in any meetups or projects right now.

My fiancee, Gaia Valeria Pulchra, became a citizen. That brings my count of known citizens to 3.

If I am able to continue in my position as legate, I intend to try to "recruit" in my region - I know Brown University and URI have active Classics departments that might hold interested parties, for example.

So far I have no budgetary requests and no planned major events for the Regio. I do intend to stay active, my wife intends to become Assidua next year and become more active in Nova Roma, and I intend to try to recruit others.

Maine: The Regio is in need of a Legate, no report at this time.
POPULATION COUNT. Based on information from Nova Roma,
-The Regio has 5 Citizens
-Citizens are listed as Assidui.

Connecticut:: Ex Officio Legata Equestria Iunia Laeca

The Connecticut Regio held a dinner meeting with five attendees at Constantine's Restaurant in East Lyme on January 18, 2008. In attendance was Senator Marcus Minucius Audens and his wife, Margaret; Legata Equestria Iunia Laeca; Marcus Quintius Clavus; and Quintus Iunius Dominicus. The agenda centered on regio and provincial activities for the year.

The Connecticut Regio hosted the spring provincial meeting with seven attendees at the Ledyard Library in Ledyard on March 22, 2008. In attendance was Senator Marcus Minucius Audens; Legata Pro Praetore Annia Minucia Marcella; Legata Equestria Iunia Laeca; Patricius Attacottus Vallavantinius; Marcus Quintius Clavus; Quintus Iunius Dominicus; and Tiberius Horatius Barbatus. The agenda centered on provincial activities for the year.

A Project Meeting has been scheduled for February 2009 by Senator Marcus Minucius Audens to be held in the Connecticut Regio at the Ledyard Library in Ledyard.

POPULATION COUNT. Based on information from Nova Roma,
-The Regio has 8 Citizens.
-5 Citizens are listed as Assidui.

Special Note:

I would like to recognize the contribution and achievements of Senatrix Annia Minucia Marcella as she ends her term as our Legata Pro Praetore. Under her purposeful and steady leadership, she has awakened a quiet province by engaging citizens, motivating participation, and inspiring everyone to add their voice to our future. As we look forward to a new year and new administration, it is correct to say that Nova Britannia has been elevated as a result of her efforts.

New Hampshire: Ex Officio Gallus Cassius Augurius

I don't have a whole lot to report. I have been playing phone tag with Mary at the Manchester, NH public Library, but booking a room for our 3/8/09 meeting should not be an issue. They seem to have plenty of space and are fairly flexible. I have speaking to a classics graduate student (Gregory Stringer at UNH Durham) about perhaps joining Nova Roma and giving us a foot hold in the UNH Latin/Classical History community. Those items aside, things are pretty quiet up in my neck of the woods.

POPULATION COUNT. Based on information from Nova Roma,
-The Regio has 4 Citizens.
-3 Citizens are listed as Assidui.

  • Proposed Budget
-I. Anticipated revenue from the province.

With 22 Assidui I predict our revenue to be $330.00USD.

-II. Description of fundraising activities planned.

The two projects to generate revenue(Amazon affilitate program and Cafepress T-shirt sales) are not expected to generate a noticable amount of revenue without some more marketing and active citizenry. So far only 2 t-shirts have sold, without a mark-up.

-III. Anticipated expenses within the province. Items cost:
-Printing the NB/NR brochure. (1000) = $50.00
-Awards and Recognitions = $20.00
-Supplies for mailing announcements = $25.00
-Postage for mailing announcements x2 = $35.00
-Meeting snacks and supplies = $20.00
-Meeting Room Donations = $50.00
-TOTAL: $200.00
-IV. Description of provincial activities necessitating expenditure.
-Line item #1 is based on two (2) reams of paper, ink and folding.
-Line item #2 is based on paper/printing
-Line item #3 is based on envelopes/paper
-Line item #4 is based on 42 Citizens x current cost of postage
-Line item #4 is based on minimal snacks/paper plates, etc for one Ordinary Meeting of the Praetorium.
-Line item #5 is based on a monetary amount to contribute to a meeting place, such as a library that doesn’t charge.
  • Provincial List and Website remains to be the list for the province.

The Yahoo! Group, NovaBritannia( remains our Mailing List used for announcements and events.

Our province also has a Myspace listing:

I wish to extend my gratitude to the Senate for giving me this opportunity to govern my province and I wish to thank all those dedicated citizens in Nova Britannia who made it worthwhile, I regret to say I will not be continuing as governor after this month.


Annia Minucia Marcella

Legata Pro Praetore Nova Britannia

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